Rearz Inspire+ Incontrol Nighttime Briefs

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Inspire+ InControl Nighttime Diapers

12 Disposable Briefs per pack, 3 packs per case (36 disposable briefs)


Where luxury and confidence meet.  Inspire+ InControl is suitable for any need without fear of compromising dignity.

The Inspire+ InControl is the ultimate solution for very heavy forms of incontinence.

This product was designed to ensure maximum nighttime performance.  It is very bulky, so please consider this when your main concern is discreetness.

Size Best Fit Maximum Fit ISO
Size 8/Small: 25" x 30" 27" to 36" 25" to 44" 4864g
Size 9/Medium: 27" x 33" 32" to 40" 26" to 46" 4981g
Size 10/Large: 31" x 37" 36" to 50" 31" to 55 5361g
Size 11/X-Large: 33" x 40" 40" to 58" 33" to 56" 5385g


What makes the Inspire+ outstanding: 

  • Designed for nighttime and extended use 
  • Plain, smooth, white PE outer cover
  • Refastanable tape tabs
  • Tapezone on the front for easy refastening
  • Stretch elastic waistband in the front and in the back
  • High standing leg guards
  • Odor protection
  • Special Distribution Channel
  • Latex free
  • Absorbency: 4864ml-5385ml



For Daytime use try the Inspire Original!

Also Available in Violet SeductionSafari animal print, and our Princess Pink print.


The perfect diaper for pilots, gamblers, truckers, gamers, surgeons, service technicians, astronauts

90 Reviews

  • 5
    Inspire and InControl

    Posted by DJC on 2018 May 27th

    Wonderful diapers but very infant or toddler in design. Dry Bed Guarantee should come in every package according to my care givers. Never have I been so well diapered at night.

  • 5
    Very happy with one of my favorites

    Posted by Travis on 2018 May 18th

    Great fit, Very absorbent, hours of wear with no leaks and best of all comfortable. Quieter then most so there pretty discreet.

  • 5
    Great Deliivery

    Posted by DJC on 2018 May 14th

    Ordered my diapers on the 10th of May. here we are May 14th all the way across Canada DELIVERED! great DIAPERS GOOD SERVICE.

    Thank You

  • 5
    Inspire InControl

    Posted by DJC on 2018 May 10th

    I made a very big mistake. I bought diapers that were supposed to be as good as Rearz Inspire InControl. All that I was looking at was price, what a mistake. I paid the price in having leaky diapers whenever I used the bargain products. I am back to Rearz.

  • 5
    Great diaper!

    Posted by Jer on 2018 May 5th

    Love wearing them! They are soft before wetting but even softer after. The material doesn’t break down like other diapers I have used during the night. The out side covering is great too!

  • 5
    Love These

    Posted by Gordon on 2018 Apr 28th

    I wear these 24/7. They fit great and last a long time. I love the fact that they are bulky and crinkle. I strongly recommend them.

  • 5
    Best diapers I've had

    Posted by Philip on 2018 Apr 16th

    I have tried several different brands of diapers for my full incontinence. I can say without doubt that these fit me the best and are the most comfortable I've worn. On top of that they contain my bowel incontinence exceptionally. Will buy more for sure, though perhaps try some of the other colors or patterns next

  • 4

    Posted by Brandon on 2018 Mar 23rd

    They are fantastic! I just wish they didn't make so much noise. I guess some people like that though :) I would if I didn't have roommates that I have to hide this stuff from.

  • 5
    Loved it

    Posted by Unknown on 2018 Mar 22nd

    Absolute love this diaper it can keep you dry all night long. And they are reasonably priced great adult diaper

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