Rearz Lil' Monsters Diapers V3.0

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 Embrace your inner Lil' Monster with these new super cute Diapers! Bring the crew along with you, Draco the Dragon, Puffy the Pink puffball, Unicrest the Three Eyed Dino, Midnight (Blue) & Twinkle (Purple).

 This Diaper is Unlike Anything We Have Offered Before!

An all new plastic backing featuring higher capacity and a purple ADL.  And best yet, even thicker than ever before. This means they will fit a little more snug than previous versions.

Still offering our very first Wetness Indicator (Once Wet the Monster Paw Prints and Rearz logo disappear). Softly scented with a moisture activated vintage fragrance, this will bring you back to your youth.  Lil' Monsters offer an advanced level of Odor Protection unlike any other product.

Featuring all premium features such as tall standing leg guards, elastic waistbands, soft inner, reinforced front panel and 4 refasten-able tapes.  

Offering Protection Day or Night a new improved core. Capacity 3700ml

We have taken care in all the details including some like clear tapes so the print is not obscured and more.

Size Medium Large X-Large
Width 67cm  26.4" 80cm  31.5" 85cm  33.5"
Length 84cm  33.1" 96cm  37.8" 102cm  40.2"
Waist Sizing 76-112cm 29.9"- 44.1" 96-124cm 37.8"- 48.8" 112-145cm 44.1"- 57.1"
Per Bag 12 12 12


3 Bags per Case

Please note size ranges are absolute maximums and these tend to fit on the smaller side compared to our other styles.  You should select a size where you are on the low to medium side of the measurements



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  • 5
    One monster of a soaker

    Posted by Jess on 2020 Jul 19th

    I have tried all of the lil monster diaper and they get better every time. The tapes are better and they hold more and the version 3.0 now pull the urine away from your body better then ever. Love these diapers

  • 5
    Really nice

    Posted by Kyle Sutton on 2020 Jul 17th

    I think these v3 are the best so far I wear 247 and had issues with tapes and landing zone before all fixed now thanks

  • 5
    Lil Monsters fun

    Posted by R.D. on 2020 Jul 2nd

    These work well as daytime diapers and even at night if you don't flood them. The design puts a smile on my face.

  • 5
    Lil monsters v3

    Posted by Ray on 2020 Jun 18th

    Great product. The design was something that I initially thought was a bit out of my territory but they have grown on me. These are among the best fits I've found (I like diapers to be snug and trim). Compared to the rebels for example, these seem a bit quieter and don't fill out the seat of my pants quite so much. They're not rated as high in absorbency as some other premium products, but I prefer that. I'm reasonably active, and I don't want rediculously bulky pants all the time. I've had no leaks with reasonable wear, no clumping and the tapes have given me zero trouble. I do tend to refasten top tapes at least once per any diaper, so the landing zone works as intended. I definitely recommend. I'll definitely buy again. Really happy.

  • 5
    Much improved

    Posted by Clay on 2020 Jun 13th

    The v1 and v2 diapers leaked VERY easy did not wear good at all and the tape tabs were not good, along with not having a lot of padding.. THESE V3'S are the complete opposite they hold about 3/4 's the amount of liquid of the alphacas,, lots of comfortable padding the tape tabs are very strong and hold while sleeping all night and wear very nice!!! The little monster design and colors are very uplifting!!!

  • 5
    Much improved

    Posted by Clay s on 2020 May 23rd

    The V1 little monster diapers barley had any padding the tape tabs were not good and when I wore the diaper it felt like a lose bag on my back side..The new V3'S are a MAJOR improvement the have REALLY NICE PADDING FIT NICE AND SNUG REALLY GOOD TAPE AND HOLDS LOTS OF LIQUID. THESE DIAPERS DO NOT LEAK EASY!!!I AM VERY IMPREESED .THE DESIGN AND COLOR ARE NICE ON THE EYES. I REALLY ENJOYED WEARING THESE DIAPERS!!!!

  • 4
    Lil Monsters

    Posted by Alain Beausejour on 2020 May 13th

    Dont like them anymore. The plastic was very noisy on v1.0 and v2.0. I dont like the plastic on the v3.0. Will not buy them anymore.

  • 4
    Lil Monsters

    Posted by Sanonymous on 2020 May 11th

    Great diapers, fun design, great absorbency.

  • 4
    Lil Monsters

    Posted by Gordie on 2020 Apr 1st

    While these aren’t as bulky as other Rearz products, I do find them easily concealable for public wearing.

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