Rearz Rebel Incontinence Briefs

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These kick ass diapers have an ultra high capacity designed to give you confidence and peace of mind.

An all new revolution in secure protection with a unique skull and crossbones print that is first in it's class on the market

Just trim enough for daytime use, but with a massive capacity that is sure to impress.

Designed to handle heavy use that will outlast all other brands.

Elastic waistbands and super strong tapes are among our favorite features.  The all plastic outer combined with tall leak guards protect against the most rigorous use. 

Reinforced frontal panel and strong PE outer resist tears and stretching for the ultimate in extended wear.

Bags of 12. Cases 4 bags.

Size Fit ISO
Medium 30" to 42" 5055g
Large 36" to 52" 4906g
X-Large 40" to 58" 4992g

60 Reviews

  • 5
    Great diaper

    Posted by Casey on 2020 Jan 3rd

    The Rearz Rebels are some of my favorites on the market. They fit well, are really absorbent and hold up well. Also, I love the skull and crossbones design. A guy I talk to some at the gym saw me in the locker room in a Rebel and simply stated how awesome they looked with the design. He of course wanted to know where I got a skull and crossbones diaper.

  • 5
    Great diaper

    Posted by Casey on 2019 Nov 21st

    I have been ordering the Rebel diaper for a couple of years and I have never been disappointed. They are durable, hold a lot and comfortable. The tapes hold up well and they stand up well to extended wear. Most importantly, they are cool looking.

  • 5
    Great Fit

    Posted by Cody on 2018 Jul 11th

    These diapers fit very nicely, especially in the leg area. The have a nice crinkle and the print is makes you feel like a rebel. Great for anyone looking for that lil’ punk vibe!

  • 5
    Rebels incontinence briefs

    Posted by Jay on 2018 Jun 13th

    An outstanding diaper all around. Very comfortable, is thinner but holds as much or close too the nighttime diapers making them much more discreet during the day as far as bulk and sagging goes. I would still recommend diapers shirts, if you are upwardly mobile as these will sag quite bad every few steps as these thirsty diapers take it all in keeping me from hardly ever having too change more than once every 12 hours. 1 drawback is.. they are noisy, nothing a pair of jeans won't cover, etc.. but if you are self conscious about crinkle... these diapers do make a considerable amount of noise.
    Cost wise as a 12yr incont sufferer... these and other Rearz products have made my life alot more secure, comfortable and dry... worth every penny!!!

  • 5
    Loved Them

    Posted by Mommy E on 2018 May 28th

    These diapers looked great, and matched his onesie! The were absorbent, and comfortable for my baby!!

  • 4
    Rearz Rebels

    Posted by Diaper Consultant Derek on 2018 May 2nd

    Great tapes, fast absorbency, excellent capacity, superior odor control, fits snug in the legs to prevent early leaks. Super crinkly and wide in the crotch. Tapes hold tight under pressure and diaper does not sag. Great job, excellent diaper!!

  • 5
    Awesome diaper

    Posted by GSHooligan on 2018 Mar 26th

    The fit on these is superb. They don't swell very much, so if you're looking for a discreet printed diaper, give these a try. While they don't swell, they do hold a lot. So far I've had no leaking issues.

  • 5

    Posted by Joxs Trapp on 2018 Mar 10th

    Perfect for when good little boys wanna be bad. =p

  • 5
    Great diapers

    Posted by Casey on 2018 Feb 24th

    Rebels are really comfortable diapers, and the design is really great. I wear diapers out to underwear night at a local bar, and the design looks good for public wearing. I usually don’t wet my diapers, but have wet these and I am impressed with the absorbency. Furthermore, the tapes hold well and I haven’t had trouble with them pulling loose. Overall, they are great.

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