Vulcanized Rubber Sheeting Wide Roll

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High quality rubber sheeting, Roll of 25 KG. About 90 metres

The waterproof rubber sheets are usually placed under bed sheets directly against the mattress. Our sheets are only about 35" wide (90cm) but can be sold in any length up to 10 metres. Sold by meter. One meter is more than one yard (one meter = 1.094 yards). 
Price per meter (one meter = 1.094 yards)

Available in, white,  black, pink, sky blue and natural. Although we also have it in a natural (yellowish semitransparent) color, we do not recommend sheeting in this particular color. The sheeting in natural/nude color typically have small dark pigmentation (flaw spots) and occasionally small holes and we could not provide it without these flaws. The sheeting in the other colors is a lower rubber content allowing for a more smooth and consistent product. 

Technical composition:

Natural/Nude: Natural Rubber 84%, Activators 4.21%, Accelerators 3.24%, Silica 8.41%

White and other colours: Natural rubber 69.00%, Activators 7.80%, Accelerators 2.25%, Silica 20.93%