Seamless Latex Brief Nude

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This latex pant features a wide crotch for bulky diapers.

This is high waisted, however it can be trimmed to a shorter height with scissors.


  • Small (S) for Waist 26" to 31" (66cm to 80cm), Hips up to 35" (89cm), or up to 36" (91cm) for a  very tight fit. 
  • Medium (M) for Waist 32" to 36" (81cm to 92cm),  Hips up to 37" (94cm),  or up to 38" (97cm) for a  very tight fit. 
  • Large (L) for Waist 33" to 40" (83cm to 102cm), Hips up to 43" (110cm), or hips up to 45" (116cm) for a  very tight fit.  
  • Extra-large (XL) for Waist 37" to 47" (94cm to 120cm), Hips up to 48" (122cm), or up to 55" (140cm) for a  very tight fit. 
Note: Please do not ask if your waist and hip measurements would fit as we do not guarantee you a good fit: unfortunately, the only way for you to know is for you to actually try out the pant.
However, there are no refunds and no exchanges if the pant does not fit, even for those who think they are within the measurements given here.  This is because some persons do not tolerate tight pants, they may find it too tight while some other persons (with identical body measurements) may complain that it is not tight enough. You are purchasing the pant at your own risk. 
It is not suited for persons with less adequate finger dexterity (difficult to put on and to take off), for the elderly, and for those with allergies to latex rubber. However, many of our customers see it as an excellent diaper panty, a wonderful protection. 
This is wonderful for making a diaper more smooth and discreet during the daytime and suitable for both bladder and bowel incontinence as it really helps hold in the smell.
As a note some customers have said you could trim the length of the pant with scissors for a shorter pant if desired.
Product may have visual flaws of some sort, of a nature that does not affect function. The flaws are of 2 types, as follows. 
The most common flaw are thickened spots in a few areas of the pant where the liquid latex flowed downward and formed thick "drops or bumps" of latex, similarly to what happens to some painted areas on the walls when a person paints walls with a too thick coat of paint. 
A few of these pants have a tiny dark spot somewhere on the latex and some are discolored in some larger areas (darker brownish discoloration of the yellowish-brown latex, perhaps from an excessive exposure to sunlight after manufacturing or from an uneven distribution of the chemical compounds in the latex during manufacturing). 
Regardless of these minor defects, these pants can still offer a useful protection.    All these flaws are only from manufacturing or improper storage. 




8 Reviews

  • 5
    Seamless Latex Brief

    Posted by David Robertson on 2019 Dec 27th

    Best cover I have found . Holds diapers close to the body to help prevent leaks . Most comfortable pants to wear day time while active or nighttime while sleeping .

  • 5
    No leaks!

    Posted by CEV2 on 2019 Nov 24th

    As described, these fit quite snugly. This may be why they are the most leak resistant covers I own. They are stretchy and comfortable to wear.

  • 5
    Calidad y efectivo

    Posted by Carlos Pedroza on 2018 Aug 7th

    Excelente producto cumplí totalmente su función y es muy comodo

  • 4
    seamless latex brief natural

    Posted by stephen on 2018 Mar 23rd

    a nice tight fit but the top tends to roll over your belly but very nice to wear

  • 5
    THe pants were nice

    Posted by Chester Ravert on 2017 Dec 18th

    I was very disappointed in the response I received when I pointed out a problem I had with the order. I ordered nine pair of large and one pair of ex-large .I received ten pair of large and Laura and Jacob both said The customer was wrong and wouldn't fix the problem . I will be making this know around the net and face book

  • 5
    The best!

    Posted by Chris on 2017 Nov 25th

    These are absolutely the best! They don't leak whatsoever!

  • 5
    Seamless Latex Brief

    Posted by Unknown on 2017 Sep 11th

    I was disappointed to learn that this is a clearance item. I wear these latex briefs with cloth diapers, and I have never found a waterproof pant that protects me better, both day and night. I hope you will continue to sell them.

  • 5
    The pant were real nice and offered a lot of protection. With enough room for a cloth diaper

    Posted by Chester on 2017 Jun 20th

    They came in a light tan and the pictures shows them in white. I had wanted the White