Silence Pant - Waterproof Diaper Cover

Call for special order colours/sizes

These are made in Canada. This is our most comfortable and highly recommended pant. It is excellent for daily active wear. 

This is a washable and dryable pant with a bit of stretch and breathability, while providing great waterproof protection.

A wide crotch.

100% PUL

Strong, reliable, comfortable lingerie style elastics.

Trim colour may vary.


XXS for waist 16" to 24" (40cm-61cm) and hips up to 25" (64cm). 
XS for waist 18" to 29" (48cm-72cm) and hips up to 30" (76cm). 
S for waist 30" to 34" (75cm-85cm), hips up to 40" (101cm), legs 9"-20" (22cm-52cm), crotch 20" (50cm).
M for waist 33" to 40" (82cm-102cm), hips up to 47" (120cm), legs 13-24"(32cm-60cm), crotch 20" (52cm).
L for waist 39" to 48" (98cm-120cm), hips to 53" (135cm), legs 14"-25" (36cm-64cm), crotch 24" (60cm).
XL for waist 45" to 57" (114cm-145cm), hips to 62"(157cm), legs 18"-30"(46cm-76cm), crotch 28" (70cm).