Tena Slip Maxi (European)

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Super quiet

Super thin

Plastic backed

Genuine European import!  

A universal slip nappy with a waterproof safety barrier with anatomically shaped elastic cuffs for maximum safety and maximum comfort.

The new larger comfort tapes can open the diaper and be resealed.  Trim but effective curved support elastics provide the ultimate comfort.

The color of the new humidity indicator changes from yellow to blue when it's ready for a change.

Rapid absorbing gel makes these perfect for even the most active individuals.

Small 56 to 85cm (22-33") Absorption: ISO 2006ml, 24 per pack

Medium 73 to 122cm (28-48") Absorption: ISO 3155ml, 24 per pack

Large  92 to 144cm (37-59") Absorption: ISO 3555ml, 22 per pack



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  • 5
    Tena Slip Maxi (european)

    Posted by tim h on 2018 Jun 7th

    This is the best value I have found in terms of price and performance. These tapes stay put and the diaper stays comfortable all night long. All diapers will leak if loaded heavily enough, but you almost have to try to overload Tena Slip Maxis. I highly recommend these for overnight use.

  • 4
    Very good overall

    Posted by Marcel on 2018 May 24th

    This diaper can be worn out in public under your clothes and be pretty discreet. Not to thick and one of the quietest plastic backed I've tried. However it holds a lot and gets very thick after a few wettings. You might want to bring a change along with you incase they get to thick and not quite as discreet anymore. Very good and comfortable overall.

  • 5
    Really great Diaper

    Posted by mike on 2018 Feb 18th

    What a wonderful and great Diaper , holds up well and the price is fair.....nice and comfortable fit and you can't tell that you have one on when you're out and about doing things , holds liquid in well without leeks but for me I like plastic pants over them no matter what ( you can get them here too and there really cheap to on the price.....none the less love these diapers and wear them well without concern of any leaks.....

  • 5
    Great diapers

    Posted by peewee92 on 2018 Feb 6th

    I love these Tenas! They are my favorite diapers, the leak guards work fine, diaper fits snugly, they hold a lot of pee and even that they become bulky they can still be concealed under jeans and latex underwear.

  • 5
    Totally Awesome

    Posted by Andrew on 2017 Oct 29th

    Works as advertised. They don't make any noise at all and start out very thin. They seem to wick moisture all the way to the back and hold a surprising amount. It's like 2 cm when folded up, but expands to a large size and holds multiple liters. I would say it holds about the same as an abena M4 but half the thickness. Very good for the price because it's less than $ 2 each.

  • 5
    Tena Slips are the best

    Posted by John Gray on 2017 Aug 24th

    Although not quite as good as the original, they are still one of the best for day or nite use.

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