Vinyl Bloomers - Many Colours

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Bloomers are designed to prevent urine leaks in a sitting person, e.g., when traveling by car.

They are made in the soft and durable vinyl materials in assorted colours. 

Hand made in Canada.

Sizes (approximate measures):

Small waist 24" to 31" (61cm to 78cm), hips maximum 36" (91cm). 
Medium waist 29" to 38" (74cm to 96cm) and hips maximum 41" (104cm). 
Large waist 36" to 48" (82cm to 112cm) and hips maximum 46" (117cm). 
XL waist 48"-56" (125cm-155cm) and hips maximum 65" (165cm). 
XXL waist 54" to 72" (137cm to 183cm) and hips maximum 76" (193cm)