Washable Cloth Sanitary Pads - Medium

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Choose comfort!

Into the Winding Woods washable sanitary pads are made with care by hand in Canada.

 These are gloriously comfortable and are a healthy alternative to disposable Sanitary Pads. We only use the highest quality fabrics to provide a natural, breathable, and absorbent pad, which is sure to leave you fresh, clean, and irritation free.

Switching to reusable cloth pads is not only healthier for your skin, but it prevents thousands of non-biodegradable pads waste from entering landfills.

Say goodbye to irritation caused by toxic chemicals found in disposable pads, once you try our healthy Washable Sanitary Pads you will NEVER look back!

Perfect for Moderate leakage/flow days or light nights.


  • Flannel Topper
  • 1 Layer of Zorb
  • 1 Layer of SHBF (Super Heavy Bamboo Fleece)
  • PUL/Suede outer layer
  • 1 KAM Snap


  • Full Pad 28cm x 18.5cm (11 x 7.3 inches)
  • Core Width Back 10.5cm (4.2 inches) & Front 9.5cm (3.8 inches)
  • Core is about an inch shorter than the full pad


  • Premium Quality KAM Snaps
  • Side wings snap together to hold the pad in place
  • Free From Harmful Chemicals
  • Waterproof PU laminated suede backing
  • Comfortable & Soft


Each purchase is for one pad, our pads can last for many years with proper care, leading to a very economical solution to manage your needs.

We also offer a more absorbent Super Pad and a less absorbent Liner Pad.


Online testimonial, similar to many for cloth pads we have seen:

I am now 29 years old, but since I was 23 I have been suffering with the most awful periods imaginable. I was eventually put on to a huge bunch of meds to try and control it, nothing was working and I dreaded each month. I was wearing a super plus tampon and 2 incontinence pads each time and changing them every 30-60 minutes. I also had to use an incontinence pad at bed time, along with my other products. This would last 7-10 days but most commonly it was 9 days.

Even the coil didn’t stop them, which apparently is rare. Due to the severity and the amount of blood loss I became permanently anaemic. The gynaecologist decided enough was enough and 2 weeks after my 28th birthday she put me through the menopause (which could be reversed, don’t panic).

The menopause helped briefly but it came with side effects that weren’t pleasant. She then offered me a hysterectomy. At 28. (I’m trying to help you understand how bad it was so you can see why this means a lot to me)

I decided to wait a few months before deciding on whether to go for a hysterectomy or not because it’s a huge decision, she said there was no other option at this point unless I wanted to continue to suffer at the hands of my own body.

During the wait, I decided to make some cloth pads because I couldn’t keep affording to spend £50 per month on sanitary products. My first month wearing one I found it was still going strong after an hour, I thought perhaps I was just having a weird day but kept an eye. I also noticed I had NO pain, none, zilch. This, from the girl who usually is prescribed cocodamol and morphine for her period pains.

2 hours later, pad was still good so I decided to research cloth pads, only to find multiple other women say the same thing; that they had reduced the pain and the flow. My period then stopped after 4 days which was absolutely unheard of for me.

It may sound crazy but switching to cloth pads has literally changed my life. If you have a heavy flow and think they won’t work for you, think again, they really do make a difference.


For instructions on how to properly wash and care for reusable products, please refer to this page.