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Our affiliate program has been officially closed.

Interested in joining our affiliate program and earning free products?

Provide us with a with links to your social media and/or webpages along with a small introduction of yourself and what products of ours you are most excited about promoting.

Terms Of Service


All Rearz affiliates must be at least 18 years of age or older in order to participate. Any affiliate found to be underage will be removed from the program.


As a member of Rearz Inc.'s affiliate program you are expected to act in a professional manner.  Although we are aware that we sell products which are adult in nature, and that many of your promotions as well as the platforms in which you promote them are also adult oriented, we do try to keep things professional. Rearz Inc. reserves the right to terminate your affiliate program without notice or warning should you behave in a manner that we find not in alignment with our views, morals, or code of ethics.

Some behaviors that will have your contract with us terminated are listed below. We will add to this as situations come up so please check back periodically. If you are ever unsure about whether or not a certain action or post would be suitable you are always welcome to contact us at

(1) Hate posts against race, sex, gender, kink shaming, etc. We at Rearz Inc. are an all inclusive family and expect to be portrayed as such by members of our affiliate program.

(2) Posts attacking Rearz Inc or it's products. Honest reviews are welcome and in fact encouraged, however untrue statements will not be tolerated.

(3) Posts attacking Rearz Inc. competitors or their products. Again, honest reviews are welcome an encouraged. However, untrue statements will not be tolerated.

Other Reasons for termination

Rearz Inc. reserves the right to terminate your membership as an affiliate at any time with or without notice. Reason may or may not be given at time of termination. Possible reasons for said termination may include but are not limited to:

Low performance numbers, wrong marketplace, inappropriate behavior as listed above, other necessary business adjustments, etc. If your membership with the affiliate program is terminated you will be paid out, via gift cards, for any commissions owed.