Incontinence and Sex

Posted by Kevin Pepper on 2020 Feb 13th

Incontinence and Sex: Orgasm or Urination? Talking about sexuality can be an embarrassing topic for many people. Talking about incontinence can be an equally embarrassing topic. Having a satisfying … read more

How to protect yourself from sickness 5 Tips!

Posted by Jacob on 2020 Jan 28th

Getting sick is one of the most inconvenient things for us to deal with in our everyday lives. Here are 5 tips on how to avoid or completely prevent getting sick.1. Wash and Sanitize your handsWashing … read more

Diaper Bag Checklist! (AB Version)

Posted by Kevin Pepper on 2020 Jan 17th

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening or good night depending on when you’re reading this blog entry.What’s in your diaper bag? This, is a question I’ve been asking people for a while now and i … read more