Rearz Complete Adult Diaper Guide

Posted by Jacob on 2021 Dec 3rd

These charts are identical to the ones that Rearz and its official retailers use! You can reference them to find out just what makes each diaper unique, as well as easily discover what sizing be … read more

FREE SHIPPING - More Details Inside!

Posted by Jacob on 2021 Nov 26th

Order big, save big! All Orders of $75USD+ to the USA and all Orders of $75CAD+ to any of the Canadian provinces qualify for free shipping. Please see below for restrictions that apply: Genera … read more
Remembrance Day & Military Discount!

Remembrance Day & Military Discount!

Posted by Laura on 2021 Nov 11th

Every year on November 11th we take a moment of silence to remember and honour those who have fought for our freedoms and for those who still continue to serve our country. As a token of our appreciat … read more
Introducing Mermaid Tales!

Introducing Mermaid Tales!

2021 Nov 2nd

Introducing our newest addition to the Rearz disposable diaper catalog the Mermaid Tales All-Night Diapers! With a 7,000ml capacity these diapers are designed to last all night long. Available in 3 si … read more