Rearz Inc. Transparency about CapCon 2020

Posted by Jacob on 2020 Jan 24th

Due to the immense amount of messages we have been receiving in regards to CapCon 2020 we have decide to come forward and make an official response: In this post, we will be disclosing our attempt t … read more

Diaper Bag Checklist! (AB Version)

Posted by Kevin Pepper on 2020 Jan 17th

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening or good night depending on when you’re reading this blog entry.What’s in your diaper bag? This, is a question I’ve been asking people for a while now and i … read more

How to Place an Order for In-Store Pick-Up

Posted by Jacob on 2020 Jan 7th

So you would like to place an order for in-store pick up at our Cambridge location. Follow our guide below. Go to and once you have selected what you want to order, head to check-out.&nb … read more

Rearz Classroom - Pacifier Cleaning

Posted by Kevin Pepper on 2020 Jan 3rd

Cleaning your Pacifiers or bottles! Pacifiers and bottles are 2 of the most common items for an AB(Adult Baby), along with diapers. Some littles also like to us … read more