This Weeks Hot Products

This Weeks Hot Products

Posted by Laurie on 2017 Nov 18th

We get a lot of questions about our hottest products, so this week we have compiled a list of our top viewed products, top 10 sellers, along with the some staff picks.We have a lot of princesses visit … read more

All About Booster Pads...

2017 Nov 8th

Boosters, what are they and why do you need them...Booster pads are made to help extend the life of disposable diapers and help extend the use of cloth diapers. There are many different style of boost … read more

10 myths of Incontinence

Posted by Jacob on 2017 Oct 11th

Incontinence is a topic that is not often discussed because of the stigma around it, let's get over the embarrassment and learn 10 myths about incontinence to help inform you on the truth of incontine … read more

‚ÄčAbena Original X-Plus M4 and L4 Update!

2017 Oct 10th

We have some exciting news for any fans of the Abena Original X-Plus M4 and L4, recently it has been announced that Abena was discontinuing their bestselling original briefs. Although due to customer … read more

New Products and Halloween Giveaways!

Posted by Jacob on 2017 Oct 4th

The month of October is an exciting one at Rearz as we are finally bringing back a fan favourite and introducing two new brands of diapers that are fans have been asking about! Starting on October 9t … read more