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Posted by Jacob on 2022 Jan 14th

Welcome to the new year! With so many products available we wanted to share our list of our top 10 products for 2022. If you are new to Rearz this is a great opportunity to learn about some of our best products. Now sit back and learn more about why these products are our top picks and what exciting things we have planned for the future. 1.Princess Pink Overnight Briefs The new redesign of the Princess Pinks were launched in 2021 an… Read more

Posted by Jacob on 2022 Jan 4th

Welcome to the new year! It's January the first month of the year, we wanted to start of the year right with our January Lil' Sale! For the month of January save 50% on Lil' Monster Bibs and All Rearz Pacifier Sets, only when ordering directly from our website. Interested in a case of mixed diapers? Check out the new January Mixed case featuring 3 of our top disposable diapers. January Mixed Case - Rebel, Dinosaur and Alpaca!… Read more

Posted by Laura on 2021 Nov 11th

Every year on November 11th we take a moment of silence to remember and honour those who have fought for our freedoms and for those who still continue to serve our country. As a token of our appreciation Rearz Inc offers a military discount of 10% to active, reserve and retired veterans. If you would like to apply please send an email with proof of your service attached. From all the staff at Rearz Inc we would like to thank you for your service.… Read more
Introducing our newest addition to the Rearz disposable diaper catalog the Mermaid Tales All-Night Diapers! With a 7,000ml capacity these diapers are designed to last all night long. Available in 3 sizes currently Medium, Large and XL, note the large is our new improved size large.Mediums bags contain 14 diapers, Larges & XL contain 12.Featuring 2 hook and loop tabs per side with a total of 4 tapes, these are perfect for refastening as the di… Read more