FREE USA SHIPPING! Valid until the end of 2019!

Posted by Jacob on 2019 Sep 16th

Hello Everyone!We wanted to inform you that we will now be offering a limited-time promotion of FREE SHIPPING!There will now be a Free Shipping option to all customers in the 48 contiguous states of U … read more

The Low Down on Disposable Diapers

Posted by Kevin Pepper on 2019 Aug 6th

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening or good night depending on when you’re reading this week’s blog entry.Today I want to talk about diapers, more specifically adult disposable diapers. That’s … read more

Preparing New Cloth Diapers for Use

Posted by Laurie on 2019 May 5th

For those of you new to or considering cloth diapers, we wanted to answer the common question of preparing them for use.  As tempting as it is to use them right out of the package, please resist … read more

How to Place an Order for Warehouse Pick-up!

Posted by Jacob on 2019 Apr 25th

So you would like to place an order for in-store pick up at our Cambridge location. Follow our guide below. Go to and add all the items to your cart and head to check-out Once in check-out … read more