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We've got some exciting news to share with you at Rearz Inc.! We've updated our disposable diaper capacity numbers to give you a more accurate idea of how absorbent our products are in comparison to other brands on the market. We wanted to make sure that you're getting the best information possible when it comes to choosing the perfect diaper for your needs. Now, we haven't changed anything about our amazing products, but we have updated… Read more

Posted by Jacob on 2023 Apr 1st

Enter the realm of the eerie and the macabre with Rearz Inc.'s newest addition to their printed adult diaper line - Spiders. A black spider design printed on a smooth plastic backing beckons you to indulge in the dark side of comfort and protection. As you slip into these spider diapers, the sensation of their enhanced absorbency, durability, and odor control technology will send chills down your spine. The easy-to-use tapes and comfortable wais… Read more

Posted by Jacob on 2023 Mar 27th

At Rearz Inc., we're excited to announce our sponsorship for the prestigious International Mr. Leather (IML) 2023 event! As a proud Wingman Sponsor, we can't wait to share our high-quality products with the passionate and diverse leather community. IML, an annual conference and contest, brings together members of the leather community from all around the world to celebrate their unique culture, lifestyle, and fashion. As a brand that values… Read more

Posted by Jacob on 2023 Mar 17th

Hey, folks! Rearz is getting ready to hit the road for the epic Capcon Carnival! But don't you worry, we've got everything under control. Our operations won't be affected – orders will continue to ship, and our dedicated customer service team remains available to assist you. We will be sending a small team to Capcon to man our vending room & meet all of you wonderful people. We're beyond excited to be a part of this fantastic event, and we… Read more