Canadian Distributors

Cloth Diapers for Infants & Diaper Services
Two Mothers - Retail Store in Edmonton, Alberta

Adult Incontinence Products
InControl Diapers - Free Shipping on orders ~$86CAD - $65USD Canada/USA Only
Age Comfort - Online Sales
Capital Medical Supply - Online Sales, ODSP, & Retail Store in Ottawa, Ontario
Glen Erin Pharmacy - Online Sales & Retail Store in Mississauga, Ontario
Healthwick - Online Sales, ODSP & Retail Store in Oakville by appointment only
Universal Diapers - Retail Store in Toronto, Danforth Ave
Pollet Drug Store - Retail Store in Sydney River, Nova Scotia
Motion Specialties - 31 Locations Across Ontario, Alberta & BC
Quality Life Services - Retail Store in Ottawa, Ontario & Winnipeg, Manitoba - Check out our store on Walmart

ABDL Products
Diaper Drawer - Online Sales
Daynitecare - Online Sales & Retail Store in Varennes, Quebec

American Distributors

Cloth Diapers for Infants & Diaper Services
Green Lil' Bums - Online Sales & Diaper Service - East Dundee, IL

Adult Incontinence/ABDL Products
ABDL Company - Online sales, Local pickup Boston, Mass. - SMS (857)-6262-ABDL
ABDLR - Online Sales, Retail store in Denver, Colorado - Online Sales
Cooshie Tooshiez - Online Sales - Free Shipping on order inside of USA
DB ABDL Store - Authorized eBay Reseller
Diaper Depot - Retail Store in Atlanta, Georgia
Diapers 4 Life - Amazon Retailer, extra discreet, fulfilled by Amazon, Free 2 day shipping to Prime Members
Kal Medical - Retail Store in Utah - 621 3900 S, Murray, UT 84123 - (801)-266-2795

MyInnerBaby - Authorized eBay Reseller
My Protex - Online Sales
Personal Care Medical Supplies / The Diaper Ladies retail store - Fort Wayne, Indiana
Sexploratorium - Online Sales & Retail Store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Supply Solutions - Retail Store in Albany, NY
Wearing Clouds - Online Sales (Sample Packs)

International Distributors

Down Under Care - Online Sales
Little Down Under - Online Sales
My ABDL Supplies - Online Sales
The Honey Lounge - Online Sales

France ABDL - Online Sales
Diaper Minister - Online Sales

United Kingdom
ABDL Marketplace - Online Sales
NappiesRUs - Online Sales

ABDLMX - Online Sales

Diaper Heroes - Online Sales

Save Express - Online Sales

ABDL Factory - Online Sales

HunkWizard - Online Sales (Username: vip Password: 1069)

Slovakia - Online Sales

PAFH - Telegram & Whatsapp Sales (+972-53-238-7402)