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 Direct Billing for Canadian & American Customers

If you receive Canadian or American health or disability benefits InControl Diapers can help you get set up for direct monthly billing for all your needs. Whether it's Ontario Works, welfare, ODSP or other other Canadian or American benefits, be sure to follow the instructions below as we may be able to accommodate you.

Rearz does not directly deal with direct billing but InControl Diapers can handle all of your requests. They offer direct billing for beneficiaries of all health benefits plans including government plans such as OW and ODSP! Through the direct billing program, eligible beneficiaries have access to Canada’s most absorbent incontinence products, as well as reusable, protective and skincare products. All items are shipped discreetly to your home. Once set up, you will be enrolled to automatically receive a monthly supply of the products you need, with billing being submitted directly to your benefits provider, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses. Enrolment in the program is completely free.

If you are currently a recipient of health benefits and your doctor or nurse has determined that you require supplies to manage your incontinence, then you may be eligible to have your incontinence products paid for by your benefits provider.

Standard Steps for Direct Billing

1) Complete the Mandatory Special Necessities Form for ODSP, or whichever form your benefits provider requires.

Contact your local benefits office and request the form for necessary medical supplies. You will then need to take this form to your local healthcare professional's office and ask them to fill it in on your behalf. Once the form has been filled in, return it to your local benefits office for approval.

2) Request a monthly supply quote from InControl Diapers by contacting them directly.

Provide a copy of this quote to your benefits provider for approval or provide their fax or email so it can be forward it directly.

3) Confirm and Communicate Approval

Once your request is approved, ask your benefits provider to email or fax their authorization for direct billing on your behalf.