Blog Re-opening & What's to come

Posted by Kevin Pepper on 2018 Dec 13th

Hello and welcome to the New Rearz Inc Blog, First off I’d like to take this time to thank Laurie and Jacob for this opportunity.

It is my hopes to use this blog to give the reader helpful tips and information, answer questions and fun little projects.

Upcoming topics will include

  • Diaper Fluffing
  • Double Diapering
  • Making Boosters
  • Day time vs. night time diapers
  • Added Protection
  • Disposable vs. Cloth Diapers

Some upcoming projects include

  • Monster spray
  • Homemade lotion
  • How to mod a baby paci
  • How to make a stuffie paci

Upcoming information

  • History of Rearz
  • History of Ageplay (multi part)
  • History of Diapers

And of course I’ll be welcoming comments and suggestions for future articles so please stay tuned for more, feel free to send any suggestions to our support email or contact us on any social media @Rearzinc.