Diaper Bag Checklist! (AB Version)

Posted by Kevin Pepper on 2020 Jan 17th

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening or good night depending on when you’re reading this blog entry.

What’s in your diaper bag? This, is a question I’ve been asking people for a while now and in turn been asked myself. Today I thought I would talk about this, as for many of us this is an important topic when going out with an adult baby.

First off I want to say that this is just a guide. This is pretty much what I keep in my AB diaper bag so that when I go out with an ab girl I have everything I need to take care of her. Some of you may like different products while others may think you don’t need some of these things. That’s perfectly ok. Based on my experience everything I list are things I have needed at one point or another whether it was just a day out to the park or a trip to Rearz.

First you need to choose what kind of bag you want to use. Some people like real diaper bags, while others like plain tote bags and others still just carry a backpack. As an ab daddy I wanted a real diaper bag but the problem is that currently there are no adult baby diaper bags so I have a baby diaper bag. I chose a Baby Bloom grey and pink diaper bag with wipe case, matching changing pad and insulated pocket for bottles. I also got myself 2 matching JJ Cole Stone Arbor Pacifier Pods which I attached to the shoulder strap of the diaper bag.

I also found an AB/DL Pride patch as well as a few cute princess patches and I got some fabric glue and placed the patches onto the diaper bag to make it more “babyish” and cute. I also got a portable diaper genie to clip onto the bag so that I can put the used diapers into a bag to contain smell of pee.

The Medicator is a liquid medicine dispenser. A safe, easy, and accurate way to dispense liquid medicine.In the one paci pod I placed 2 adult pacifiers so that I had at least one spare when out in case anything happened to the other one or “main paci”. In the second I placed The Medicator.

The Medicator is a liquid medicine dispenser. A safe, easy, and accurate way to dispense liquid medicine.

Then on one side of the diaper bag I have the baby wipes and on the other is the insulated pocket that I can keep 2 baby bottles in.

In the diaper bag itself I keep the following:

Diapers - 2-3 Adult diapers depending on how long were out for, the rule of thumb I use is 1 diaper for every 6 hours unless the day’s trip is to Rearz to buy diapers.

Diaper boosters - I carry the same amount of boosters as I do diapers but I don’t always use them. It just depends on the trip. If I’m driving to long distances odds are good I’m using boosters but if I’m just going a short distance I probably won’t use them. However, I would rather have them and not need them than need them and not have them.

Plastic Panties/Pants – Sometimes called Diaper Covers or Waterproof covers basically these come in different types and kinds from Plastic to vinyl even PUL and rubber. These can be used over both cloth and disposable diapers to reduce crinkling of plastic backed diapers, control odors and protect against leaks. Using them at night time can help prevent tedious and expensive changing and laundering of sheets every morning. 

Baby Powder/Lotion/Oil/Cream - Johnson’s baby has a take along pack with travel sized baby powder, baby lotion, Penaten cream, baby shampoo and head-to-toe baby wash, you can also buy them individually along with baby oil and then I just refill them as needed. These are the perfect size for a diaper bag.

Hand Sanitizer - Because you don’t know who else has touched what you’ve touched before you feed or change an ab.

Bibs - I currently have a Rearz Princess Pink and lil Bella bib in my diaper bag however I would like to get another one for the diaper bag just for back up.

Changing Pad - Yes my diaper bag came with a little pink changing pad however it’s really only good for babies or stuffies so I carry a Rearz lil’ Monsters changing pad in my diaper bag.

Waterproof Laundry Bag - I like to carry my Rearz Safari waterproof bag in my diaper bag just in case a diaper leaks or if there’s a rain storm, to put the wet clothing into.

Pacifier and toy wipes - This one is pretty self explanatory. We all know what happens when an ab loses their paci and it gets covered in dirt and such.

Powder Formula Dispenser - This is good for both powdered formula and baby cereal and I like to make sure I always have some of both on those longer trips.

Baby spoon - I keep an airplane baby spoon in the diaper bag just in case I need to feed my ab some of that baby cereal.

First aid kit - I like to keep a small first aid kit with extra band-aids in my diaper bag. We all know accidents can and will happen so I like to try to be prepared.

Disposable gloves - Often when I diaper I only use baby powder. However, if I need to use baby lotion/oil or Penaten cream I like to use gloves so that I don’t get any of that on to the diaper tapes.

Sunscreen - Just in case we’re out and about in the sun for any period of time I like to have it, just in case.

Baby toys - I like to keep some small toys and rattles to help keep my ab distracted during diaper changes or long trips in the car. I will often have her bring 1 or 2 stuffies with her as well just in case.

Now, as I use a baby’s diaper bag all these things pretty much take up all the room my bag has. However, if I’m going out and need to, I carry a second baby bag with me. This bag is just a regular plain backpack or tote bag which I’m hoping to replace with a Rearz Splash backpack. So if any one reading this needs ideas for my upcoming birthday hint hint hehe. In this bag I carry everything else I need, just in case.

Snacks and food - Any other snacks that don’t fit into my diaper bag like bottles of water, sandwiches cookies etc etc.

Change of clothing - This one is pretty important especially if you’re going to be out all day or if there is a chance of rain and more so if this trip is an overnight one. Plus you never know when a diaper may leak and you’ll need to change your onesie or pants.

Blanket - No matter what the season, it’s always good to have an extra on hand for unexpected breezes, or maybe to lay on the ground to sit on, or maybe an impromptu blanket fort in the woods.

Books/Toys - I do keep little toys in my diaper bag, small stuffies like from McDonald’s and a little rattle. Plus I have a music box bear hanging off the strap. However, in this bag I will carry a colouring book, crayons, story books and a few other toys anything that keeps and ab entertained.

Now as I am an ab daddy I realize that I’m leaving out some important mommy related things especially if you’re an ab mommy in an ab/ANR relationship (ANR – Adult Nursing Relationship) so you may want to carry extra bottles, a nursing blanket, extra nursing pads, maybe even your pump. You may also want to carry an extra shirt as well as pack nipple shields or nipple butter.

There may also be things I’m forgetting about. Do you carry a diaper bag? If so what do you keep in yours?

Below is a checklist I created for my own use please feel free to save it and print it off for your own use.