Preparing New Cloth Diapers for Use

Posted by Laurie on 2019 May 5th

For those of you new to or considering cloth diapers, we wanted to answer the common question of preparing them for use.  As tempting as it is to use them right out of the package, please resist the urge.  Not preparing (prepping) diapers WILL result in leaks and frustration.

It is essential for proper absorbency to prepare/was your cloth diapers before use. Just follow these simple steps.

The material composition will determine how many washes are needed to prepare your diapers for use.

Cotton/hemp require 2 hot washes with detergent (not soap) and then a dry before use.

Bamboo, polyester microfiber, microfleece, or any other synthetic fibres.

If you have a mix of both styles you can prepare both together, no need to separate. However you will want to reduce the temperature to warm if doing so.