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Proud To Be Supporting IML 2024!

Proud To Be Supporting IML 2024!

Posted by Jacob on 2024 Apr 19th

Hey there! Even though we at Rearz Inc. won't be able to join in person for the fabulous International Mr. Leather (IML) 2024, our spirits are soaring high! That's right – we're still on board as proud Wingman Sponsors for another year, and we're bursting with enthusiasm to sprinkle our unique magic over this incredible event from afar.

IML is the ultimate celebration, where the leather community dazzles and the world comes together to party, parade, and embrace everything leather in the most vibrant and exuberant way imaginable. By partnering with IML once more, we aim to raise awareness for ABDL within the leather community, bridging comfort and style like never before

We’re all about bringing you the crème de la crème of ABDL products – from snazzy adult diapers that could practically win fashion awards, to clothing that makes you feel like a million bucks, and pacifiers that are the cherry on top. Partnering up with IML means we get to introduce our cool collection to the leather-loving crowd, showing them that comfort and style can go hand in hand (or cheek to cheek).

So, here's to making IML 2024 an epic celebration for all! We may not be there in person, but our hearts are with you. And we're eager to hear all about your IML experiences! Share your stories with us on social media – we're all ears and can't wait to be part of your adventures, even from a distance.