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Wingman Sponsor for International Mr. Leather 2023

Wingman Sponsor for International Mr. Leather 2023

Posted by Jacob on 2023 Mar 27th

At Rearz Inc., we're excited to announce our sponsorship for the prestigious International Mr. Leather (IML) 2023 event! As a proud Wingman Sponsor, we can't wait to share our high-quality products with the passionate and diverse leather community. 

IML, an annual conference and contest, brings together members of the leather community from all around the world to celebrate their unique culture, lifestyle, and fashion. As a brand that values inclusivity, creativity, and self-expression, we believe our partnership with IML is a perfect fit. 

Our goal at Rearz Inc. is to provide premium ABDL products including but not limited to adult diapers, clothing and pacifiers to people from all walks of life, ensuring everyone has access to comfortable, reliable, and stylish products. By partnering with IML, we hope to introduce our brand to the leather community, offering them the same level of quality and dependability our customers have come to expect. 

We are enthusiastic about sharing our brand story and values with the vibrant, supportive leather community at IML 2023. Our team is eager to engage with attendees, learn more about their experiences, and listen to their feedback to help us continue improving and expanding our offerings. We hope all attendees have an amazing time at IML 2023!