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Staff Picks for October 2021!

Staff Picks for October 2021!

Posted by Andrew on 2021 Oct 13th

With autumn in full swing and the weather getting cooler, there's no better time to dive head-first into all of the fun that ABDL has to offer. In this month's staff picks you'll find all the essentials: outfits, pacifiers, a fun way to drink, and of course, diapers!

Laurie: Sweet Littles Outfit with Bow

This super cute attire includes a top, pant, and bow-tie. It's perfect for littles who are on the move and want something to cover up their diapers during playtime!

Jacob: Candle Skull Adult Pacifier

Spooky pacifiers are taking over our Pacifier Addict website! Get ready for Halloween with one of our truly haunted creations. There's no better place to start than with this pacifier that's sure to fit the season!

Andrew: Inspire+ Nighttime Diapers

Sometimes it's fun to go back to basics, and with the Inspire+ you can do exactly that! Its pure white design has an element of adorable-ness that just can't be beat. Super crinkly and extra absorbent, this is a diaper that's loved by adult babies and diaper lovers alike!

Laura: Jack-o'-lantern Training Pants

It's training pants with a Halloween twist! This adorable pant has a jack-o'-lantern stamped on the back which is sure to make your bum stand out. Training pants can be used as either an extra puffy pair of underwear or when combined with a plastic pant they can hold a small wetting.

Warehouse: All-new Stainless Spill Proof Sippy Cups

It's likely you've heard about our sippy cups before, but how about the new colours we just got in! Coolest of all is the Mermaid sippy cup, featuring a gradient effect that gradually turns from aqua to lavender. Other new additions include green, and turquoise, and glittery Princess Pink!

We hope you've enjoyed this look into what members of the Rearz team are enjoying this month. Be sure to let us know what you've been enjoying as well! Have a great Halloween, and we'll see you again next month for more staff picks!