The Best Diapers for Overnight

Posted by Andrew on 2021 Jul 22nd

While all Rearz diapers feature super high capacities, there are some designs and prints which are better for nighttime wear than others. For those who often wear to bed or wet while lying down, this post is going to be all about which diapers are best suited for you!

Barnyard & Dinosaur

The Barnyard and Dinosaur are our ultimate diapers when it comes to nighttime use! Featuring a capacity of up to 5455g and extra tall standing leak guards, they're made to handle either back or side wettings. What makes them truly incredible though is the special quick absorbing sap they contain, keeping even heavy wetters nice and dry while ensuring there's no need to change throughout the night.

The Barnyard features refastenable hook and loop tabs, while the Dinosaur has traditional adhesive tabs. Both are great for nighttime wear and are super cute as well! You can even combine them with a similarly themed onesie for the ultimate cute bedtime experience.

Alpaca & Premium Nights

Next on the list are the Alpaca and black Premium Nights diapers which feature our thickest and most absorbent core yet! Being so thick, they're perfect for nighttime wear and for creating a secure barrier around your bottom. With a capacity of up to 5815g there should be nothing to interrupt you from having a good night’s sleep!

Inspire+, Princess Pink, Safari, and Violet Seductions

The Inspire+ is our original bulky diaper that fits the needs of those who wear at night. While not containing the quick absorbing sap the Barnyard or Dinosaur diapers, they’re still very absorbent and have tall standing leak guards for nighttime wear. You can also change things up by wearing either the Princess Pink, Safari, or Violet Seductions, all of which are modelled after the Inspire+.

With Rearz’s super absorbent diapers, there’s lots of options available for those looking to wear overnight. We hope that through this blog post you were able to get some ideas for how you can best stay dry while also having sweet dreams!

Take care!