Cloth Diaper Care

Very Important! Before you use your diapers:

All cloth diapering products NEED to be prewashed at least once prior to use. Thicker diapers and inserts should be washed three times and dried once to ensure optimal absorbency.

For more a more in depth explanation of cleaning techniques consider reading this website.

PVC/Plastic Pant Care: Hand wash all plastic pants with Detergent and hang to dry, DO NOT machine dry. You may machine wash on cold temperature on low, but this is not recommended.

Rubber Pants Care: Hand wash all rubber pants with a delicate detergent and hang to dry, DO NOT machine dry. Although not recommended you may machine, place pants inside of a lingerie bag before washing, wash on cold temperature on a delicate cycle. For storage, apply a thin coat of baby powder and keep away from sunlight and oil.

PUL Pants: These can be washed and dried like a regular pair of underwear to lengthen the longevity of the pants wash with care and dry on low or hang to dry.

Detergent Selection:

There is no single brand of detergent that will work for all individuals, situations or water types. Below are the general guidelines to help you choose a detergent:
1. Do not use any detergent that contains natural oils or fabric softeners. These will coat the absorbent fibers of the diaper and cause repelling.
2. Make sure you're choosing a detergent that contains enough surfactants to get your diapers clean. Diapers are more heavily soiled items, with multiple layers of fabric, compared to your regular laundry.
3. Avoid any detergent that contains sodium percarbonate or bleach.
4. Avoid detergents that have ingredients you are sensitive to.
5. Avoid any detergent that contain enzymes as they can cause rashes.

Storage of Soiled Diapers

Soiled diapers should be stored in a water-resistant, odour-proof pail, container or bag. Remove any solids (feces) prior to placing soiled diapers in the diaper pail. DO NOT RINSE DIAPER OR IMMERSE IN WATER until ready to launder. The longer a diaper sits wet, the faster it will wear out. The best way to preserve your diapers is to keep them as dry as possible between washes, and to carefully follow the remainder of our care instructions.

Preparing to Wash

Making sure that all solids have been emptied into the toilet, run a cold pre-rinse or small cold wash in the machine.


Run the heavy-duty/full wash cycle with warm water* and the manufacturer’s recommended amount of a residue-free, softener-free, bleach-free detergent on the double rinse option.
Do not use bleach on any products and the detergent should not contain sodium percarbonate (the active ingredient in many oxygenated bleaches). Please use a ZERO-RESIDUE detergent. Detergent residue will lead to leaking, absorbency issues and stink issues. Please note that an extra rinse increases the life of many fabrics dramatically.

Please avoid the following your wash cycle, as they can lead to deterioration:
Stain guard ingredients
UV brighteners
Fabric softeners
Natural oils
Enzymes (can cause rashes on some individuals)
On diapers with a waterproof outer, we caution against using vinegar and/or baking soda, as they can together or individually cause issues

*(100% cotton fitted/prefold diapers can tolerate hot water)


We recommend hanging your waterproof products, covers and laundry bags to dry whenever possible as this will extend their life. Waterproof materials can be machine dried as well on delicate or low heat. The best way to dry is at ‘delicate setting’ and then with air only (no heat). Inserts/boosters can be machine-dried on medium or hung to dry.


We recommend not hanging items directly over a radiator or any other dry heat source ,as this will prematurely age elastics, can lead to melted laminate, and shorten the life of your waterproof materials. Avoid contact with all whiteners, bleaches and fabric softeners in any form. Never use fabric softener of any sort on your diapers as this will cause your diapers to repel all liquids and decrease absorption capacity. This includes liquid and sheet style softeners.