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We hope you're as excited as we are for our new Daydreamer print. We've been working tirelessly on this adorable, dreamy design that features playful mice flying through the clouds, and we can't wait for it to grace our collection. But we've hit a fun little snag - these adorable little mice are nameless, and we thought who better to help us with this than our Rearz family!

We are beyond thrilled to announce an enchanting competition, exclusively for you, our Rearz followers. Here is your chance to leave your mark on our upcoming collection - we're asking you to name the adorable mice featured on our new Daydreamer print.

Why this fun competition? Well, each of our designs has a story, and you've always been a part of that story. We believe it's the personal touches that make all the difference. Every name chosen will create a little more magic in the Daydreamer design, making it not just our creation, but yours too.

The mice on our Daydreamer print are playful and carefree, truly embodying the spirit of a daydreamer. We envision names that reflect their playful and carefree nature, something that can paint a picture of their personalities and make the print come alive every time you see it.

How to Participate
Get to Know the Mice: Take a look at our Daydreamer print. Each mouse has its own unique charm. Spend some time with them and see which one speaks to you.

Think of a Name: Get creative! Think of a name that suits the personality of the mouse you've chosen. Remember, the best names will capture the playful, carefree spirit of these adorable creatures.

Submit Your Entry: Once you've chosen a name, submit it on the link below. Don't forget to mention why you chose this name. We'd love to hear the story behind your choice!

Submit your names here!