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Onesie Bodysuit Black

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Discreet all black design looks like a regular t-shirt but provides discreet full coverage and noise reduction.

Fabulous cotton spandex design gives the perfect fit.

These diaper shirts provide support and hold things in place.

These fit similar to your standard shirt size.


Snap crotch. With 4 snaps

95% cotton + 5% spandex to give it the perfect fit

Made in China 


Size Chart
Size Chest Length
XS 28" 26"
Small 30" 28.5"
Medium 34" 32"
Large 36" 34.5"
XL 42" 36.5"
2XL 45" 38.75"
3XL 50" 40.75"
4XL 57 44.5"

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  • 5
    great product!

    Posted by ben on 2020 Sep 10th

    This onesie fits so well, and it helps hold everything in place! Will definitely be buying more of these in the future.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Duston Shepherd on 2020 Jul 25th

    This works so well to make me feel like a baby

  • 5
    black onesie

    Posted by Greg Wesenberg on 2020 Jul 16th

    vary nice fit and thay hold up over time. use them for over 1 year now just starting to show sigh's of were but not the onesie falt i em a weld for work so burn spots.

  • 5
    Great for keeping things in place!

    Posted by Brady on 2020 Jul 8th

    I’ve dealt with incontinence for over 6 years now. I start using cloth more and this really helps keep the diaper from sagging too much throughout the day

  • 5
    Great Fit - Good Material - day or night

    Posted by Bob R on 2020 Jul 7th

    I usually shy away from any product that may have a child like appearance. But Reality sets in and necessity takes functionality is at the top of the list. If you wear diapers during the day, it is only a matter of time before that embarrassing moment hits you when you least expect it. Ve had my share of them over the years, and one of the most embarrassing moments was when I bent down to pick up my wallet I dropped while standing in line at the store. My diaper & plastic pants were in full view to everyone behind me in line. Whiteout going into details, I decided to start wearing a onesie to prevent a recurrence. I’ve tried them all. They are all similar in function, material, and looks. The most important thing to me is that the part of the onesie that is exposed looks like a standard T-Shirt and not something toddler-like. Most of the products available are good, nut the only one that fit all of my requirements was the REARZ’s Onesie. Great fit, good material, still looks good after many washings, and most importantly, it doesn’t have a toddler like looking neck. During the day, the look is number 1 Any thing that would make anyone give it a second look, is a “Hell No”. With that said, this is the best onesie is the best on the market. The extras are awesome fit and holds your diaper (cloth or Disposable) tight and vert comfortable. I also wear them at night (evert night) Just because I like them. You won’t go wrong with this Onesie. Bob

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Blue on 2020 Jul 6th

    These are a great product. They keep diapers secure against your body and smooth out the lines so they are less noticable. I used them when I had to wear diapers for medical issues. They also work great if you have alergies to metal belt buckles. I don't need diapers anymore, but still use them as an undershirt that does not untuck when I need to wear a belt. So my stomach does not break out. It's a great product for keeping diapers secure or just for an everyday undershirt.

  • 5
    Good onesie

    Posted by robert myerscough on 2020 Jun 26th

    Good size and fit

  • 5
    Aboslutely the best!

    Posted by James M on 2020 May 26th

    I just want to say I have been looking for a body onesie to keep my diapers in place. I have tried many, but these by far are the best I have used. I followed the size charts exactly and am so grateful to finally have a onesie I can wear out and about on a daily basis. Either as an undershirt or as a T-shirt. These are a great choice. Thank you for a solid product, I am ordering more of these tomorrow. I do wish there were more colors available, like: Blue or brown and I am sure pink purple yellow and red would also be popular. Thank you again.

  • 5

    Posted by Rob on 2020 Jan 18th

    Very good product . Like that it stretches and fits me good . Holds diaper in place and keeps from sagging when wet . Dislike that snaps are located to low . They could be a couple inches higher in the front .