Rearz Barnyard Elite Hybrid Adult Diapers

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Take a trip down to the barnyard and visit with all your animal friends! These diapers feature tabs with hook and loop technology that you can readjust and reapply until you get the perfect fit, ensuring you’ll be as comfortable as you can be as you play all day long!


Alyssa the Cow, Misty the Horse, Gilbert the Pig, Henrietta the Hen, and Snowflake the Sheep can’t wait for you to arrive. As the day goes by, the grass on the diaper will gradually begin to fade as it gets eaten. Barnyard diapers also include a light scent and fast absorption technology which will keep you dry for up to 12 hours!



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  • 5
    Rearz Barnyard Diapers

    Posted by SkyyGirl on 2021 Sep 20th

    These are hands down the best Adult Diapers on the market. The cute little barn animal print is to die for. The tapes are incredibly strong and resilient to wear or adjustment. The diapers crinkle and make you waddle so you'll easily standout and the absorbency is top tier. These diapers can support both wetting and enemas. 5/5 would recommend to anyone in the ABDL community.

  • 5
    super comfy

    Posted by Josiah on 2021 Aug 19th

    these are some of the best diapers i can find they are super comfy and highly absorbent. and the insides are very soft.

  • 5

    Posted by Kevin T. on 2021 Aug 15th

    Lost for Words.....I love Theses Diapers to DEATH. All positive for Theses. I'll be totally buying THESES AGAIN! love Velcro diapers

  • 5
    soft and comfy

    Posted by jimmy on 2021 Jul 11th

    The best Adult diapers ive ever used, The velcro tapes are the best velcro ive ever used also, and they absorb rapidly very similar to a baby diaper, and also have that classic baby diaper soft smell, when it gets wet.

  • 5

    Posted by Smith on 2021 Jul 9th

    Great fit and really comfortable. Does not leak and holds up very well. This diaper I highly recommend and will purchase again.

  • 5

    Posted by Peter O'Doherty on 2021 Jul 3rd

    Velcro tapes that hold up and great padding ☺️

  • 5

    Posted by Michael A Hernandez on 2021 Jun 17th

    I love this product the tabs or what I would love to have on all diapers the only thing I would really wish they had was stretchy sides kind of like Pampers or Huggies

  • 5
    Barnyard Elite

    Posted by Chris on 2021 Jun 10th

    I have been using this diaper for a while, and find them to be very comfortable, and absorbent. I settled in on this diaper to be my main diaper to use. I love the print on the outer cover, and love the crinkling sound it makes when I walk. This diaper makes me feel very babyish. Well done Rearz.

  • 5
    Absolutely amazing

    Posted by Thomas K. on 2021 Jun 4th

    Theses diapers are so awesome!!! When I picked theses diapers up the only thing I wanted to do was put one on as on the 4 hour drive down I had to change my tenas 2 times. I couldn’t wait to show off my diaper bulge and cute print over the waistband of my shorts but most of all I could not wait to feel safe from leaks. After a full day of wearing and using one diaper as much as possible I still felt dry. I would probably still be in that same diaper but my number 2 accident about 8 hours into the day when it happened after an hour of sitting in traffic in a messy diaper started to itch so I had to get it changed. I was so happy with this diaper and got a few compliments on how cute it looked with the little ducky. I was scared that the poop would fall out once I stood up as my other diapers would sag and it would fall out this diaper held every bit of it with no sag at all even being full ! I can’t wait tho try some other diapers from rearz once theses are almost gone Very happy with what I have.

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