Rearz Inspire+ Adult Diapers

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If you’re looking for the ultimate diaper that gets straight to the point and provides incredible protection then the Inspire+ is for you! It features a pure white design that’s about as classic as it gets when it comes to disposable diapers. Whether you’re an adult baby, diaper lover, or just someone looking for an effective, high capacity product, no collection is complete without the Inspire+!
Trial contains 2 diapers.


Some medium & large will be shipped in the new transparent bags, there has been no changes to the product beside the new packaging.
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  • 5
    In control premium night time

    Posted by Duane Amonson on 2022 Nov 2nd

    These are without a doubt the best product on the market that I have tried so far, I use them everyday at work they're not too bulky and they hold a lot, which is the point

  • 5
    Super absorbent

    Posted by Nate on 2022 Oct 30th

    One of the most absorbent briefs I have found for nighttime use. They last all night long and with multiple voids. They pull the moisture away from my skin well. They will be my new go to brief.

  • 5
    Rearz Inspire+ Nighttime Diaper

    Posted by Jay on 2022 Oct 24th

    I gave this diaper 5 stars because it does exactly what it claims to, at a reasonable price point. There are higher capacity products on the market, but they can cost a multiple of what these do. The Inspire+ are bulky and crinkly, but that isn't an issue for nightwear. They are super comfortable and absorbent, ideal for wearing around the house or while sleeping.

  • 5
    A super nice thick white diaper

    Posted by Johnny on 2022 Oct 23rd

    A nice white diaper that holds allot, and keeps you comfy and dry.

  • 5

    Posted by Nada on 2022 Oct 13th

    Very good

  • 5
    Love the Classic Look

    Posted by PeeWee on 2022 Oct 12th

    This is a great diaper, offered in a size small, which I really enjoy as the snug fit really hugs my butt. I modify all of my diapers by trimming away the excess plastic at the sides, creating a more V shaped diaper that resembles what a baby would wear. The core is untouched, so leaks have never been compromised. For this model, I add some diaper stickers that really enhance the baby look.

  • 5
    My favourite plastic n pad thickness

    Posted by Matt on 2022 Oct 9th

    I love these the plain white are my favourite and the type of plastic is like the old stuff I remember

  • 5
    Thickness is my weakness

    Posted by David D on 2022 Oct 8th

    Thickness is my weakness. I was really surprised at the Thickness and how much they hold. I wear these most days to work. All day no change. Remember I like thick. I love the plastic on these too. Did I mention these are thick.? I do love thick. Will be purchasing more. Highly recommend them.

  • 5
    The best.

    Posted by Lucky Chance on 2022 Oct 5th

    These are comfortable, snug, last a long time, and although thicker and designed for night time, are amazing daytime diapers too!