Rearz Safari Nighttime Briefs

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 12 briefs per pack, 3 packs per case (36 briefs)

It's a JUNGLE out there, so be prepared with Safari.

 Not only is it cute, it's super THICK and crazy absorbent!  

Featuring a wider and significantly thicker core than other diapers, safari is a dream come true.  This all plastic backed design has big strong tapes and a soft inner.  All the necessary features for a fabulous diaper have been included: tall standing leak guards, elastic waistbands (front and Rearz), adorable print, thick plastic outer, reinforced frontal tape landing zone. Suitable for nighttime use and extended wear.

Our fun filled characters are just the beginning of this treat. Meet Griffin the lion, Zack the zebra, Marty the giraffe, Lilly the hippo, Alex the monkey and Johnny the parrot.  

Size Best Fit
Maximum Fit Capacity (ISO)

68cm - 94cm
27" - 37"

60cm - 108cm
24" - 42"


Bag: 12
Case: 36


76cm - 102cm
30" - 40"

66cm - 120cm
26" - 47"


Bag: 12
Case: 36


98cm - 112cm
39" - 44"

76cm - 138cm
30" - 54"

5361g Bag: 12
Case: 36

90cm - 120cm
36" - 47"

82cm - 145cm
33" - 57"

5385g Bag: 12
Case: 36

What makes the Safari outstanding: 

  • A cute Safari animal print
  • Designed for nighttime and extended use
  • Plain, smooth, White PE outer cover
  • Refastanable tape tabs
  • Tapezone on the front for easy refastening
  • Stretch elastic waistband in the front and in the back
  • High standing leg guards
  • Odor protection
  • Special Distribution Channel
  • Latex free
  • Absorbency: 4864ml-5385ml
Also available in Classic White Inspire+, All Violet Seduction, & A Pink Princess Print Princess Pink!

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  • 5
    Best Waddle Diaper!!!!

    Posted by Clayton Young on 2021 Jun 3rd

    Overall best thick diaper ever!!!!

  • 5
    Who doesn't love these?

    Posted by Taylor on 2021 May 31st

    I love these diapers, usually what I'm in most days at work or wherever.

  • 5
    Rearz safari

    Posted by Frederic Morelle on 2021 May 26th

    The safari diapers are very comfortable. Very thick. These are my favorites

  • 5
    Rearz Safari Nighttime Briefs

    Posted by Patrick F. on 2021 May 5th

    Top notch diaper here ❤️

  • 5
    Rearz safari

    Posted by Yup on 2021 May 3rd


  • 5
    Great Diaper

    Posted by anony mous on 2021 Apr 25th

    The Safari is one of the best adult diapers on the market. The plastic doesn't chafe at all. The absorbency is excellent and lasts for hours. The tapes are sticky enough that you can easily re-adjust them when you put it on, as well as hours later you can adjust them if needed, and they still hold.

  • 5
    Great diaper

    Posted by Duston Shepherd on 2021 Apr 22nd

    I love how this diaper looks, works, and feels. Plus how comfortable it is

  • 5
    Rearz Safari

    Posted by John on 2021 Apr 18th

    My favorite diaper by far. I love the crinkle, but sometimes I can’t have it, my wife totally disapprove’s of the diaper thing. But when she’s not around it’s on. Pee all day and doesn’t fall apart. Only apparent out and about when I go in a very quiet building. As long as I don’t get baby powder around the tapes, they never come unstuck. Don’t get to wear as often as I like because of the price. Definitely the best diaper on the market.

  • 5
    Safari Diapers

    Posted by TWN on 2021 Mar 25th

    These diapers are amazing. Hard to disquise but amazing none the less.

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