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Looking for a diaper with a classic feel? These two tape diapers have been designed to resemble the all white Pampers from the 80's with a soft blue inner sheet(blue inner sheet may appear slightly darker than pictured).


Having one tape per side makes for easy application and removal, not to mention that it's perfect for rounding out a cute, classic adult baby look. Sleek and adorable, they're sure to make you feel extra little!

These have been completely redesigned with new plastic and an all new fit!


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  • 5
    Great diaper.

    Posted by Christopher Conner on 2021 Oct 20th

    Two tapes, great baby feel. Super crinkly super soft. Strong tapes. Good landing zone! Love these diapers definitely recommend

  • 5

    Posted by doug on 2021 Oct 17th

    The diapers were a very good fit

  • 5
    Select diapers

    Posted by Lloyd Hilferding on 2021 Oct 16th

    Love them need to continue making them there my new diaper over ab

  • 5
    Simple, Plain, and wonderful

    Posted by Baby Bronco on 2021 Oct 16th

    As someone who grew up in the 80's these just check ALL the right boxes. White? Hint of blue?, Single tape? CHECK CHECK CHECK. Perfect amount of absorbancy, more frequent changes needed but that's part of the fun and it's nice to have a diaper that doesn't force you to waddle the second you put it on. I'd like to see maybe a light baby blue and pastel pink versions of these with maybe tiny blue sail boats and pink roses to really replicate a popular 80's diaper.

  • 3
    Two tapes

    Posted by David Deters on 2021 Oct 10th

    I think they are fine

  • 5
    Very well-constructed two tapes makes it so much. Easier to put on

    Posted by THOMAS Paul ADAIR on 2021 Oct 10th

    One of the best vintage diapers I have ever worn

  • 5
    New Rearz Select

    Posted by AllDiaps on 2021 Sep 29th

    I normally don't write reviews on diapers, but I feel compelled after trying this new version of the Rearz Selects. I've literally tried them all, every brand and every kind, but these diapers, wow just wow. I don't think I have ever in my life worn a diaper that checks every single box as this diaper does, the most babyish, diaperish diaper ever, by a long shot. The single tapes, with the oh so babyish white and blue accents like the early pampers, accompanied by buttery smooth plastic that gets oh so delightfully squishy, with a distinguishable and noisy crinkle, I seriously have to say this is the best all around diaper I've ever worn, and that's saying a lot.

  • 5
    Rearz Select

    Posted by M on 2021 Sep 28th

    These are the diapers I have been waiting for. They are almost perfect, for me they just could be even more awesome if the plastic backing were a little thicker and louder. Also if they ever become available in size small I would like to try them as well. Medium fits me nice though. Thank you.

  • 5
    Amazing diaper love it but

    Posted by Mike on 2021 Sep 18th

    Over all this diaper is amazing. I purchased the large rears select and I am in love with them. I love wearing two diapers over four tape diapers. Some of us have thicker thighs then others lol. The plain white blue trim very traditional love it. Soft comfortable trim around the waist and legs and padding inside is very soft for night time. Durable plastic backing but soft and very flexible. But the size isn’t really going to fit a 54” I am a 42” and it is a very tight fit for me. You might want to make a XL in this diaper a lot of people would buy them. I would myself that would definitely add another couple of cases to my order.