Rearz Select Adult Diapers

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Looking for a diaper with a classic feel? These two tape diapers have been designed to resemble the all white Pampers from the 80's with a soft blue inner sheet(blue inner sheet may appear slightly darker than pictured).


Having one tape per side makes for easy application and removal, not to mention that it's perfect for rounding out a cute, classic adult baby look. Sleek and adorable, they're sure to make you feel extra little!

These have been completely redesigned with new plastic and an all new fit!


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    Rearz Select Adult Diapers

    Posted by Joshua on 2022 Apr 26th

    I bought my second case of these and I am prepared to say at least for me, this is the best adult diaper all around. I can't recall ever using another Adult Diaper that has single tape closure like these. It may seem gimmicky to some, but for me it really helps with the fit. I will admit, I am overweight, so my waist is under my belly. That is where my diapers and pants like to sit no matter what I have tried. This diaper has single tapes in the perfect spot under my belly and makes it super easy to get a nice secure fit while only having to worry about securing two tapes. The large tapes are unbelievably durable. I have never had one break or pop off like on other dual or triple tape diapers. This really is a superior design in my opinion. As for capacity, I find these strike an almost perfect balance. They have enough capacity that I am very confident I won't spring a leak, but they remain thin enough that they are comfortable and discreet enough for day to day activities. Props to Rearz for making a superior product with great fast service.

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    Posted by Scott H. on 2022 Apr 11th

    No leaks during the night!

  • 4

    Posted by Scott H. on 2022 Apr 11th

    Great overnight protection against wetness.

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    Good medical alternative

    Posted by D. on 2022 Apr 1st

    As an autistic person whose body and brain don't always match up; I wear diapers 24/7. These Rearz Select are a good alternative to medical diapers for when I have to go to the doctor or stay in hospitals for observation. I really prefer printed diapers over plain white ones because they make me feel more like a little kid than a medical patient. But when an all-white diaper is in order; Rearz Selects are one of my first choices. Only complaint is that the Medium fits more like a Large. but this is no big bother.

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    Rearz Select Diapers

    Posted by Michael S. on 2022 Mar 21st

    These are great diapers. Is there any chance you will be making them in a Small size anytime soon? The mediums are just a little big and hard to fit sometimes. Great diapers though.

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    Rearz Select Diaper

    Posted by Thomas on 2021 Dec 31st

    Wow!! I love these more than any other single tape adult diaper ever!! The fit is amazing!! Not too thick, yet not too thin!! Reminds me so much of the pampers I wore when I was young! I sure hope rearz will continue to supply us with these!! I will definitely be ordering more!!!

  • 5

    Posted by doug Lavo on 2021 Dec 24th

    They are very good diapers

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    Select diapers

    Posted by Lloyd Hilferding on 2021 Dec 19th

    Awesome diaper the plastic could be a little thicker but all and all a good diaper keep making them

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    Premium diaper premium comfort

    Posted by Shawn on 2021 Dec 9th

    The one tape fasting simplifies wearing & the elastic waistline & leg guard insures no leaking in night wearing even if side sleeping. Soft and rapid absorbing . Pretty loud crinkles wouldn't advise public wearing.