How to properly select a size for adult incontinence products.

For covers you are best to find a product where you fall close to the middle of the size range listed. You do not want it to be too loose or to tight. If you are wearing the pant over something bulky, we recommend taking your measurements to include the bulky item.

Disposable Briefs:
Manufacturers list the absolute minimum and maximum size the diaper will adjust fit while laid on a flat surface. These measurements do not take into account body shape, weight or height. The larger measurement of the hip/waist must be used for sizing purposes.

If a brief lists an upper range of 44", this measurement is with the tapes JUST touching the edges of the front of the brief. If you want just 2" of overlap on each side for example you will need to deduct 8" from the maximum to asses a realistic fit. So if you have a 36" waist it may or may not be a good fit depending on other factors. It is always best to order a trial pack or bag before buying a large quantity of a new brand or style.

Cloth Diapers:
These are more forgiving or true to size. The fasteners are also much more durable than disposables. You will be most comfortable in products where you do not fall too close to the upper or lower range of the size listed.  Every product fits differently so it is best to order one and wash it a few times to asses the fit after shrinkage before purchasing a large quantity.

Snap Suits/Diaper Shirts:
Rearz brand snapsuits are quite stretchy. You should measure shoulder to bottom of crotch over top of your briefs. The length for support is most important. The chest has 20% stretch, so that is the 2nd most important measurement.

General Sizing: Measurements listed on our site generally refer to the measurements of the garment, not the measurements of the individual that it will fit.  Keep in mind when there is a size range a garment will fit most comfortably if you fall closer to the middle of the range.