Cheapest Cloth Diapers

2017 Sep 19th

Often people switch to cloth for economical reasons in addition to health or environmental issues.  It can be a bit of a chore sifting through the plethora of options that are available in the cu … read more

Waterproof Fabrics for Diaper Covers and "Pants"

Posted by Laurie on 2017 Sep 19th

At Rearz we pride ourselves in offering the largest range of "plastic" pants in North America.  These incontinence pants come is a range of fabrics that can often be confusing and hard to navigat … read more

Time to Change to Cloth Diapers

Posted by Laurie on 2017 Sep 18th

In the world of diapers there are relevant health and environmental reasons to switch from disposables to reusable cloth. Cloth diapers are better for skin health because they are breathable, gentle … read more

New Website and products

Posted by Laurie on 2017 Apr 2nd

We are super excited to launch our new website. We have been working hard to make it a reality and it has finally come!  If you notice any bugs or other issues please do not hesitate to drop u … read more