Adult Nighttime Prefold Diaper

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Rearz Nighttime Prefolds offer superior durability, absorbency and comfort at a modest price.

Rearz Nighttime Prefolds offer a proven 4-10-4 layering system designed for night time, yet trim enough for day wear.

No side seams for a super comfortable fit around the legs. 

These cotton, double woven, twill weave diapers are manufactured to last for hundreds of washes.

The best made, longest lasting prefold diaper available for adults on the market!   

Chlorine free manufacturing process for extra sensitive skin.

Diapers are flat when you receive them.  Once washed, they quilt up into a soft diaper like you have never tried before.

Please also see our size 2, Snappi Style diaper fasteners for an easy to use alternative to pins.

If you would like to see a video on how to use all of this click here.

Each diaper is hand sewn by a leading textile manufacturer.

100% Cotton


  Size   Measurements

  After Washing


 Waist   Capacity 


      55.5cm - 76 cm


 27"    5 cups


      66cm - 86cm

  22"x30"  33"    7 cups


 76cm - 96.5cm

  26"x32"  41"    9 cups


86cm - 106.5cm 

   29" x 35"  47"   11 cups


99cm - 116.5cm 

  35"x40"  57"   14 cups


111.5cm - 129.5cm

  40x44"  63"   18 cups



Prewash in hot water with vinegar.  Machine dry until completely dry to allow for some natural shrinkage for the optimal fit. 

Avoid the use of soaps (not detergents) and fabric softeners as they leave residues that reduce absorbency.  Also use a third to a half of the recommended detergent to reduce soap buildup and irritation.

For best results, presoak in hot water with vinegar for half an hour, run a rinse cycle.  Then machine wash with low detergent and dry as desired.

*Do not use chlorine bleach or enzyme whiteners for maximum life span as they can dramatically reduce the life of the diaper. 

Ethically Made in Pakistan


For instructions on how to properly wash and care for reusable products, please refer to this page.

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  • 5
    Prefold Adult Diaper

    Posted by Shawn Gray on 2021 Aug 29th

    Soft & Washes up easy after night wetting.

  • 4
    Adult Prefold Diaper

    Posted by Unknown on 2021 Mar 18th

    The diaper is quite large and takes a couple of washings to bring down its size, but very suitable from that point on.

  • 5
    Adult night time prefold diaper

    Posted by Philip kemp on 2020 Nov 16th

    This is a new review. It's been a year I've been enjoying wearing my new prefold cloth diapers. Yes I said enjoying. There great, there soft and thick and comfortable. Ever since I saw baby prefold diapers I dreamed of wearing them or being put in them. Never did I think there could be a prefold diaper that big that I could wear. I would like to try flannelette prefold diapers and wished they came in baby prints.

  • 5
    Favorite prefold

    Posted by Branden on 2020 Aug 6th

    Absolutely wonderful. The absorption rate and amount is great. They are comfy and yet made of study materials. Will absolutely be ordering more and recommending.

  • 5
    adult nighttime prefold diapers

    Posted by Stan on 2020 Aug 5th

    A great balance between good absorbancy and not too bulky.

  • 5
    Absolutely wonderful!

    Posted by Branden on 2020 Jul 4th

    Great for days and nights! The absorption amount is wonderful. They are very comfy, I originally bought for nights but they would be great for days too. I have been rather disappointed by most of the highly rated cloth diapers out there, we won't name anyone. These did not disappoint. I have ordered more and will certainly be recommending these.

  • 5
    Very comfortable and looks great

    Posted by Andy on 2020 Jul 4th

    I been using these prefold for a very long time. These diaper are extremely comfortable,nice and thick,very absorbance. I just purchased more of these diaper to enjoy and wear at night time .

  • 5
    Very absorbing, used flat diapers in past. With cov19 needed to save money cloth at night. Wash and dry well .

    Posted by Denny on 2020 Jun 22nd

    Expected diaper would be long time drying on close line,I live in apartment ,not at all Very satisfied, only wish I had ordered snappi at time.

  • 5
    Adult Nighttime Prefold Diapers

    Posted by RL on 2020 May 24th

    These are excellent diapers. As a quadriplegic I have used diapers throughout my life and recently decided to try cloth diapers again for the first time since I was a teenager. These diapers are incredibly soft after being washed a few times and are very absorbent and my wife and other caregivers find these quite easy to work with. These combined with a good pair of plastic pants provide great daytime or nighttime protection.