Adult Nighttime Prefold Diaper

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 Rearz Nighttime Prefolds offer superior durability, absorbency and comfort at a modest price.

Rearz Nighttime Prefolds offer a proven 4-10-4 layering system designed for night time, yet trim enough for day wear.

No side seams for a super comfortable fit around the legs.

These double woven, twill weave diapers are manufactured to last for hundreds of washes.

The best made, longest lasting prefold diaper available for adults on the market! 


 Chlorine free manufacturing process for extra sensitive skin.

Diapers are flat when you receive them.  Once washed, they quilt up into a soft diaper like you have never tried before.


Please also see our size 2, Snappi Style diaper fasteners for an easy to use alternative to pins

If you would like to see a video on how to use all of this click here.

Each diaper is hand sewn by a leading textile manufacturer.


Size Measurements After Washing (approx.) Waist
X-Small 22"x30" 19"x26" 27"
 Small  26"x34" 22"x30"  33"
 Medium  30"x38" 26"x32"  41"
 Large  34"x42" 29" x 35"  47"
 X-Large  39"x46" 35"x40"  57"
2XL 44"x51" 40x44" 63"

What users are saying...

"Great diaper. It has been a while since I needed to purchase new diapers, and I was a bit worried trying a different company's product. But I am very glad I did your diapers are great very comfortable. No issue at all with quality. They good night and day. Thanks"

"Excellent Product. Unlike other adult diapers that have the stitching around the whole parameter, the stitching on these is only on the ends. Their construction is exactly like a standard infant prefold. This makes for great comfort and durability. They are also highly absorbent. This is the product I recommend the most for those wishing to switch to cloth."

"These diapers are the best I have worn in the past 36 years. After a few cycles in the washer and dryer they become incredibly soft, fluffy and absorbant. They stay warm and comfortable even when wet and you don't need to change until the diaper becomes soaked to the pins. They beat the competition hands down."

"I have been incontinent of bladder and bowel for 20 years, wearing cloth diapers with waterproof pants for protection, I absolutely hate disposables even though they are more discrete. When I began wearing diapers I was treated with disdain from others as well as myself but all was forgiven in time when it was realized that I had a legitimate medical problem. The prefolded diaper is the best diaper I have ever used. This diaper is soft, comfortable and absorbent as I can wet a doubled diaper several times before needing to change. The unique feature of this adult diaper is that the diaper is sewn only on the ends and not on the sides so it rubs my legs less. My wife says that these diapers wash better than any other diaper she has washed and she has washed about 50 per week for 20 yrs. Thank You"

"I thought these diapers might have been a bit "tough" because of the name: twill. I always thought "twill" was a tough, utilitarian fabric. But I was wrong! Twill and gauze refer to the weave of the cotton fabric, not to the fabric itself! These twill diapers cannot be distinquished from gauze diapers and are every bit as soft and comfortable as gauze diapers."

"As a life long bedwetter and I'm in my late 50's now I have had years of experience in keeping my bed dry. Not since I outgrew Gerber products in the mid 1960's have I had a product that really worked.
Your prefold diaper in medium and high waist plastic pants make a perfect combo and fit. It's as good as the old Gerber pants and diapers.
As I have a touch of arthritis the Snappi toddler size 2 fastener is easier to use and just as secure as pins and maybe even better.
Great products and keep up the great work."


Prewash in hot water with vinegar.  Machine dry until completely dry to allow for some natural shrinkage for the optimal fit. 

Avoid the use of soaps (not detergents) and fabric softeners as they leave residues that reduce absorbency.  Also use a third to a half of the recommended detergent to reduce soap buildup and irritation.

For best results, presoak in hot water with vinegar for half an hour, run a rinse cycle.  Then machine wash with low detergent and dry as desired.

*Do not use chlorine bleach or enzyme whiteners for maximum life span as they can dramatically reduce the life of the diaper. 


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  • 5

    Posted by Henry on 2018 Apr 4th

    Wonderful, soft, absorbent - best overall diaper I have found over 50 years of wearing. I was surprised, never having worn twill before, how much nicer it was than birdseye, and of course flannel. Comparable to gauzz, but obviously much more durable.

  • 5
    Way better fit than I thought...

    Posted by Jigme Datse on 2018 Jan 24th

    I had no idea how this would end up working out. I have some very old "prefolds" which are falling apart, and are far too small, these are really quite nice.

  • 5

    Posted by Roger on 2017 Dec 31st

    Let me first say that the pre-folded diapers have been shipped and received very quickly, I have been using flannel diapers and plastic pants in bed for 10 months, my wife buying 10 cotton diapers from the USA. a company of diapers for adult well known and already 6 of them are torn, I weave my new layers since what days it is soft and very comfortable, quite voluminous and very absorbent. It reminds me of the diapers that I use when I was a child.I strongly recommend them, I plan to have more of these layers.I thank you

  • 5
    Cloth diaper

    Posted by Michael on 2017 Nov 16th

    Great diaper. Fit was perfect and very absorbant

  • 5
    Great item

    Posted by Chris on 2017 Aug 26th

    I bought these in 2 different sizes and have to say if you are new to cloth go with the slightly larger option. Its easier to put on and is more absorbent. I like both, but bigger is better in my opinion for these. They are super comfy either way.

  • 5
    Good Diaper

    Posted by Mandy Barker on 2017 Aug 18th

    I find this to be a really nice diaper! It's soft, comfortable, reasonably bulky(I prefer bulkier ones, this is a plus for me but might not be for everyone) and VERY absorbant. I reccomend this to any adult baby or diaper lover(or even someone with incontinence) who's willing to try cloth diapers.

  • 5

    Posted by Gary on 2017 Jan 12th

    These are the best cloth diapers you can get.
    I have many of these and still hold up after 4 plus
    years of wearing

  • 5

    Posted by James on 2016 Sep 8th

    Very comfortable diaper and very absorbent. Great over night diaper. Love the prefolds, wash and dry easily.and quick. Love the old fasion design to be used with diaper pins.

  • 5

    Posted by Andy on 2015 Dec 20th

    I purchased my first Adult Nighttime Prefold Diapers over 3 years ago. This is a very comfortable diaper to wear, long lasting, very absorbent. I plan to get more of these diapers.

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