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Introducing Mermaid Tales!

Introducing Mermaid Tales!

2021 Nov 2nd

Introducing our newest addition to the Rearz disposable diaper catalog the Mermaid Tales All-Night Diapers! With a 7,000ml capacity these diapers are designed to last all night long. Available in 3 sizes currently Medium, Large and XL, note the large is our new improved size large.

Mediums bags contain 14 diapers, Larges & XL contain 12.

Featuring 2 hook and loop tabs per side with a total of 4 tapes, these are perfect for refastening as the diaper expands and gets heavier. The fade when wet design is blue bubbles.

The depths of the sea are just waiting to be explored! This high definition print is sure to pull you into an immersive experience.

Meilani(Pink Tail/Pronouns she/her) and Sam(green tail/Pronouns they/them) plunge themselves into the depths of the sea for a glorious adventure full of mysteries, treasures and the most important of all friendship. These diapers are sure to last you for an all-night adventure or extended playdates.

Join Meilani and Sam in a magical Mermaid Tale and don't forget to bring a friend!

Available now for order here (Currently on pre-order diapers arrive November 6th 2021)