Mermaid Tales All-Night Adult Diapers

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The depths of the sea are just waiting to be explored! This high definition print is sure to pull you into an immersive experience.


Meilani(Pink Tail/Pronouns she/her)[May-lah-nee] and Sam(green tail/Pronouns they/them) plunge themselves into the depths of the sea for a glorious adventure full of mysteries, treasures and the most important of all friendship. These diapers are sure to last you for an all-night adventure or extended playdates.

Join Meilani and Sam in a magical Mermaid Tale and don't forget to bring a friend!


Note - These are not intended to be used as a swim brief.
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  • 5
    Mermaid overnights

    Posted by Nolan on 2022 May 7th

    Great fit and holding capacity. works well with or without boosters. Will buy again

  • 5
    Love them

    Posted by Bryan G. on 2022 May 6th

    Awesome Diapers Great Capacity and Love the Hook &Loop Design leaving for infinite adjustability

  • 5
    Almost the best!

    Posted by Debby Brown on 2022 Apr 28th

    Great capacity , no leaks at all so far! They fit him a little smaller than other larges. The tags don’t allow for easy wrapping up for disposal.

  • 5
    Mermaid tales hook and loop tapes

    Posted by Dalton on 2022 Mar 27th

    Just have to say these are the most amazing diapers I've tried from yall. I especially love the hook and loop tapes that are much better than the normal tapes. Overall 12 out of 10 excellent product

  • 5
    The importance of right size!

    Posted by Jimmy on 2022 Mar 26th

    I bought a few of cases of the mediums and although they were amazing I always felt they were tight around the legs. Come to find out through ordering a sample of the large size I was not choosing the right size! I can now say that these are the absolute pinnacle in overnight diapers in terms of comfort, fit, absorbency and performance! Make sure you measure yourself because I fell into the trap of thinking I was still a medium ... the pandemic really changed that a bit hahaha!

  • 5
    Give these a try. Best night-time product.

    Posted by Todd M on 2022 Mar 25th

    These are an incredible product. I usually avoid anything with hook&loop fasteners, but these work so well and are so quiet that I actually like these ones. I'm not a fan of the barnyard, for example. The plastic is tough, but soft and feels great. It has a very nice smooth texture. The print is high quality and very detailed. The blue bubbles fade when wet. They wick well and resist leaking under pressure. Most importantly, the absorbency is super high. Wearing these at night, even after drinking a lot of water, I always wake up completely dry because they have absorbed all the way up the back. For an overnight diaper this is the best product I have ever tried.

  • 5
    Hold A Lot!!!

    Posted by GREGORY M on 2022 Mar 20th

    Since I have nowhere to change at work, and work 10 hour shifts, these diapers along with 3 inserts keep me going till I get home.

  • 5
    Loving Mermaid Tales

    Posted by BooBoo BEABY on 2022 Feb 28th

    Way to go Rearz! This new diaper is by far the best choice for bedwetters and those with true surge bladder incontinence for a long wear diaper. And the hook and loop fasteners seem very reliable and refastenable. This 36" waist usually wears Rearz Mediums, but I tried the new best fit Large that includes 36" waists and I love the fit for when I want a bit more diaper and for nighttime. Proud to have a Canadian-based supplier who keeps hitting it out of the park with their disposables and full line of AB layette products.

  • 5
    Mermaid Tales All-Night Briefs: Super cute & super absorbent

    Posted by Lisa M on 2022 Feb 23rd

    These overnight disposable adult diapers are outstanding and worth every penny! Generous size, thick and absorbent, no leaks, soft - no chafing, and very cheery and colorful. My 96-y.o. mother and all of her caregivers LOVE these diapers, as did the medical staff when she was briefly hospitalized - her cute Mermaid Tales diaper was the talk of the Urgent Care team!

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