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March Product of the Month + Monthly Mixed Case!

March Product of the Month + Monthly Mixed Case!

Posted by Jacob on 2022 Mar 8th

March has arrived and so has some warm weather at least for us here in Canada. We have some exciting special offers this month we cannot wait to share with you.

Product of the Month - Princess Pink Jammies

We are discounting the adorable Princess Pink Jammies this month by 20%. This is the perfect time to order if you have been on the fence. These jammies are super comfy and provide some air flow through the button gaps keeping you cozy but not too hot. We do stock many other styles of Jammies if you are not a fan of pink!

Monthly Mixed Case - Barnyard, Lil Monsters, Inspire+ (+ Free Barnyard Tote Bag)

This month we are offering a new set of diapers, the Barnyard Elite which provide some of the highest capacity on our store. The Lil' Monsters which are a more economy diaper which is thinner and designed for daytime use. Lastly we have the classic Inspire+, this is been a staple of Rearz diapers, an all white design with a high capacity. Customers who order this mixed case will also receive a free Barnyard Tote bag in their monthly mixed case.

Happy Shopping!