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Posted by Jacob on 2022 Mar 8th

To order for warehouse pick-up all you need to do is change your shipping address to our warehouse address. Please provide your billing address as normal (orders will be canceled with incorrect billing addresses). C-539 Collier MacMillan Dr. or Rearz Warehouse Cambridge, ON N1R 7P3 Canada Note: We will not be assisting customers who arrive uninvited/unannounced for the protection of our staff and customers. Due to t… Read more

Posted by Jacob on 2018 Mar 5th

Have you ordered a Safari onesie or Princess Pink Training pant from us in the past?We have some exiting news to share, we now have full matching sets for both Princess Pink and Safari, continue reading for a break down of all the items available in each corresponding set.Now you can truly be a princess, gear up now princess pink now has a complete matching set available for all those who want to unleash their inner Princess. Diapers, Bib, O… Read more
Boosters, what are they and why do you need them...Booster pads are made to help extend the life of disposable diapers and help extend the use of cloth diapers. There are many different style of booster pads lets dive into each of them to learn a little more of their best uses.Regular - Rectangular Pads - No plastic backStarting with the regular booster pads which include the Incontrol, ID Expert and Abri-let Maxi all these booster pads are used… Read more