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Tracking Purolator Shipments in USA!

Tracking Purolator Shipments in USA!

Posted by Jacob on 2024 Jan 10th

Tracking packages is a vital part of the shipping process, ensuring that both senders and recipients can monitor their shipments' progress. If you've received a Purolator tracking number but need to track your package once it enters the USA, you can use as a convenient platform to do so. In this blog, we'll walk you through the process of using Purolator tracking numbers as reference numbers on, allowing you to seamlessly keep tabs on your package's journey.

Step 1: Gather Your Purolator Tracking Number The first step is to obtain your Purolator tracking number. You should have received this number when your package was initially shipped. It's a unique identifier for your shipment and is essential for tracking it across various carriers.

Step 2: Access the UPS Website Open your web browser and visit the official UPS website, which is 3: Navigate to the Tracking Section Once you're on the UPS website's homepage, locate the "Tracking" tab. This is typically found in the top menu or as a prominent option on the homepage. Click on "Tracking" to access the tracking tool.

Step 4: Choose "Track by Reference" UPS offers various tracking options, but to track your Purolator package using its tracking number as a reference, select the "Track by Reference" option. This option allows you to track packages using a reference number provided by the shipper, which is your Purolator tracking number in this case.

Step 5: Enter Your Purolator Tracking Number In the "Shipment Reference" field, enter your Purolator tracking number. This is the unique identifier that Purolator assigned to your package. Ensure that you input the tracking number accurately to avoid any errors.