The Many Diapers From Rearz!

Posted by Andrew on 2021 Aug 25th

At Rearz we've worked hard to create one of the most extensive and versatile adult diaper lineups in the world! With diapers that are good for wearing during the daytime, diapers that are good for during the nighttime, thicker diapers, thinner diapers, white diapers, printed diapers, diapers with adhesive tabs, diapers with hook & loop tabs, diapers with scents, diapers with a stay dry fast absorption core, it seems like the variety is never ending! At Rearz there's a diaper that suits the needs of everyone and through this blog we hope to make it clearer which diapers have which features, allowing you to make the best choice for you!

Thick Diapers

If you're looking for thick, poofy diapers then the Inspire+, Safari, and Violet Seduction are tried and true Rearz classics which will get the job done! Each of these feature the same base diaper and have a similar capacity and feel as a result. Where they differ is in their prints and outer plastic. When it comes to bulky diapers, the Inspire+ and its printed variants are sure to deliver!

Of course for many, thicker is better! So we couldn't just stop there. Introducing our Super Thick diapers. Two of our most recent releases, the Alpaca and newly improved Princess Pink, are currently the thickest and most absorbent diapers we offer. While you're guaranteed a large amount of bulk and high absorbency regardless for which Rearz diaper you choose, the Alpaca and Princess Pink really go above and beyond!

Lil' Diapers

Maybe you're in a situation where you'd like something a little thinner for a change. Perhaps you want to wear while you're out for the day or you know there won't be too much time in-between changes. In this case, our Lil' line of diapers is perfect for you! Lil' Monsters, Lil Squirts - Splash, and Lil Bella all feature a thinner core compared to our other diapers, which while still super absorbent with a max capacity of 4,500g, makes it easier to stay discreet and move about as you go about your busy day!

Elite Diapers

Our Elite diapers are for those who want it all! And why wouldn't you? Barnyard and Dinosaur Elite diapers feature some of our highest capacities, reaching up to 5,455g, and have thick, stay dry fast absorption cores which help you feel dry quicker and longer! While the Elite line of diapers may initially seem to be a little less thick right out of the bag, they quickly expand when wet, up to a point where there's no way you'll be able to ignore the bulk between your legs! The Elite line is perfect for those who wear to bed, as their design works to prevent leaks even when side sleeping. However, we doubt many people would have objections to wearing them during the day well!

Scented Diapers

Do you enjoy when diapers come with a bit of a scent to them? Rearz offers three diapers which come with scented surprises! Lil' Monsters and Barnyard diapers both include a vintage baby powder fragrance which is sure to make you feel super small and little. There's also Lil Bella which smells like cotton candy; a fragrance fit for such a cute yet elegant diaper! Not only do these scents smell great and add an extra level of fun to the diapers, but they also act as extra odor control measures for those who plan to wear over long periods of time. For those who are looking to add a fun new element to their diaper wearing time, a sweet scent is a perfect way to do so!

Diapers With Euro Soft Plastic Backing

For many, a crinkly plastic backing is essential when it comes to choosing which adult diaper to wear. The Dinosaur and Lil Bella both feature Euro Soft Plastic which is incredibly soft & smooth to the touch. It will be sure to make you crinkle with every step you take, and makes for a very comfortable and cute diaper wearing experience. If you're looking for a crinkly diaper that feels out of this world then these diapers with Euro Soft Plastic will not disappoint you!

Two Tape Diapers

Crinkly white plastic with a single tape on each side. Sometimes you just want to experience that vintage diaper feel, and with the Rearz Select Diapers (coming soon!) we've got you covered! Having one tape per side makes for easy application and removal, not to mention that it's perfect for rounding out a cute, classic adult baby look. Sleek and adorable, they're sure to make you feel extra little!

Hook & Loop Tabbed Diapers

Barnyards are currently our only printed diaper to feature hook & loop tabs. This refasten-able tab technology allows you to reapply the tapes on your diaper pretty much as many times as you would like, making it incredibly easy to get the perfect fit every time! It also allows for easy diaper removal in times when you may wish to take it off for a brief period before putting it back on. If you've only ever tried adhesive tapes and have yet to try the hook & loop variety, we highly recommend checking it out! You'll likely be surprised with how awesome it is.

We hope that you've enjoyed this overview of the vast variety of diapers Rearz has to offer! If you'd like even more details regarding each of these diapers, please consider checking out our extensive diaper guides! There you can find information such as sizing, capacity, how many diapers come in each bag, and much more!