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Posted by Jacob on 2021 Oct 20th

Just in time for Halloween, we have two new little outfits available now. Our little outfits are a great addition to anyone’s ABDL clothing collection who wants something more than just a simple snapsuit. Just a reminder that sizing is slightly different on the little outfits compared to our snapsuits, so make sure to review sizing before ordering.Plaid Denim Littles Outfit with Bow         Comes with three pieces, a plai… Read more

Posted by Andrew on 2021 Oct 13th

With autumn in full swing and the weather getting cooler, there's no better time to dive head-first into all of the fun that ABDL has to offer. In this month's staff picks you'll find all the essentials: outfits, pacifiers, a fun way to drink, and of course, diapers! Laurie: Sweet Littles Outfit with Bow This super cute attire includes a top, pant, and bow-tie. It's perfect for littles who are on the move and want something to cov… Read more

Posted by Andrew on 2021 Oct 6th

Another month means another Rearz mixed case! Hello everyone and welcome to today's blog where we're going to be taking a look at just what diapers you can expect to see in October mixed cases. Or perhaps more accurately, which diapers and pull-ups you can expect to see! That's right! For the first time ever we're including something other than a diaper inside of the mixed cases. Not only that, but you're likely to notice a bit of a theme re… Read more

Posted by Andrew on 2021 Sep 30th

Diapers can be tons of fun, but disposing of them after the fact isn't always the easiest thing to do. Of course in the best case scenario every used diaper could just instantly be tossed into an outdoor dumpster where storage and smells wouldn't matter, but such a thing isn't always possible.So for those times when you might need to hang onto used diapers for a brief period before they can be disposed of there are two key things that need to be… Read more