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Posted by Andrew on 2021 Aug 11th

Hello everyone and happy August! All of the hot summer weather has dried up the stock for some of our most popular items, but thankfully a restock is being forecast in the not too distant future! You've perhaps noticed that some diapers or accessories haven't been available while doing some shopping on, but in the coming weeks you should see that change. Disposable diapers, snapsuits, jammies, bibs, training pants, and more are a… Read more

Posted by Andrew on 2021 Aug 9th

Hello everyone! All of us at Rearz hope that you are having a fantastic summer. Up here at the Rearz Warehouse things have been pretty hot! Then on some days it will start and stop raining over and over again. The weather doesn't seem to know what it wants to do! Well, regardless of how things are outside, this month for our August Staff Picks we're doing something a little bit different. We've all come to the agreement that there's one thin… Read more

Posted by Andrew on 2021 Jul 28th

When it comes to incontinence there are many myths surrounding what causes it, who can suffer from it, and how to best deal with it. With this blog we hope to clear up ten points that can cause confusion and uncertainty, and give you the information you need to tackle incontinence with confidence! Myth #1 - Incontinence only affects the elderly It is a common misconception that incontinence is only faced by those who are elderly. Pregnancy… Read more

Posted by Andrew on 2021 Jul 22nd

While all Rearz diapers feature super high capacities, there are some designs and prints which are better for nighttime wear than others. For those who often wear to bed or wet while lying down, this post is going to be all about which diapers are best suited for you! Barnyard & Dinosaur The Barnyard and Dinosaur are our ultimate diapers when it comes to nighttime use! Featuring a capacity of up to 5455g and extra tall standing leak gua… Read more