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Rearz Top 10 Products of 2022!

Rearz Top 10 Products of 2022!

Posted by Jacob on 2022 Jan 14th

Welcome to the new year! With so many products available we wanted to share our list of our top 10 products for 2022. If you are new to Rearz this is a great opportunity to learn about some of our best products. Now sit back and learn more about why these products are our top picks and what exciting things we have planned for the future.

1.Princess Pink Overnight Briefs

The new redesign of the Princess Pinks were launched in 2021 and have been hard to keep in-stock since they launched. These diapers feature our all new size large, which provides more of a true large fit. We will slowly be shifting other diapers to this new size in the future, next up with be the Alpaca ones the large stock sells out so stock up while you can. The Princess diapers also feature our thickest diaper design, overnight design, this category also includes the Alpaca Diapers. We have more exciting New Princess Pink items coming in 2022 and we cannot wait for you to see them. We just launched a new redesign of the Princess wrap you can check out here.

2. Mermaid Tales All-Night Diapers

Launched late 2021 these have been a huge hit with their 7,000ml capacities and super vibrant mermaid themed print. We hope to bring more All-night capacity products in the future but until then Mermaid is our most absorbent product in our store. If you are a fan of the Mermaid Tales print we have many more products with this print coming in 2022! You can check out the new mermaid change pads here.

3.Barnyard Elite Hybrid Diapers

The Barnyard Elite Diapers continue to be one of our most popular products, with its adorable print, hook and loop tabs and fast absorption technology. The Barnyard have quickly become a staple of Rearz disposable diaper line. If you are a fan of the Barnyard print check out the Barnyard category on our website here.

4.Rearz Printed Adult bottles & XXL Nipples

Our Adult printed baby bottles have been an exciting product to launch and we currently have 10 different versions available with more on the way. We have the new XXL bottle nipples coming in 2022. This nipple fits on all of our printed bottles and provides a new large nipple for those who found the original nipples were too small.

5.Omutsu Bulky Fitted Nighttime Adult Diaper

Our most popular adult cloth diaper, available in 9 different printed options. Designed to be as thick as possible while also being fully functional, these are a cloth diaper lover's dream. They offer complete coverage due to their thickness and are a great option for nighttime wear even for side sleepers. Don’t forget that these require a waterproof cover for them to function correctly you can check out the Omutsu waterproof pants here.

6.Ballet Valentine pant

These vintage crystal clear high gloss pants are an adorable addition to anyone's collection. They feature sparkly hearts with two layers of super smooth TPU and an inner layer of pink mesh. These pants are the only waterproof pants in our collection with a snap enclosure, which allows for these to be removed without having to remove clothing.

7.Overnight boosters

Thee new overnight booster pads add a huge boost of capacity and is a great addition to low capacity diapers in our catalog or for those who want the challenge in our high capacity diapers. These pads are softly scented with a soft powder scent to provide additional odor control.

Pad size - 48cm x 15cm (19"x6") Capacity - 2500ml

8.Personalized Clothing

In 2021 we started developing our own custom printed clothing. We have both snapsuits and training pants available for customization; we have been offering themed limited edition prints and personalised versions where you provide us the text you want.

Check out our selection of personalized clothing here.

9.Little Outfits

We now have 5 different little outfits which are available in sizes Small - 4XL. These cute sets are fully formed outfits designed around a specific little theme. We love making these adorable outfits and cannot wait to make some more, if you have any suggestions feel free to let us know. Check out our selection of outfits here.

10.Swim diapers

Fully functional reusable swim diapers available in 5 prints with more on the way. These are printed in our adorable prints and is lined with a comfortable sports mesh. Designed to contain solid waste while swimming, but with an extra layer of absorbency it should keep you dry on your way to the pool. Get your swim diaper early so you are prepared for summer!

Honourable Mention - Pacifier Addict

In 2021 we launched our pacifier site Pacifier Addict. This site focuses on primarily adult pacifiers and accessories. We created this site to offer a better experience for our customers interested in pacifiers, on this site we are able to offer lower shipping rates and free shipping on orders $50+ to Canada & USA, along with a host of other benefits coming soon. On Pacifier Addict we launched the all new Fixx Oral Fixation Device the first professionally designed adult fixation device. You can also personalise your own pacifier or buy one we decorated. What are you waiting for your dream pacifier is waiting for you at!

These have been our top 10 products of 2022, with this list in mind we would love to hear what your top 10 products are and what new things you would like to see from us in 2022!